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  1. I also have Rosacea, used to get papules and pustules exactly on my nose and nose crease area ( sometimes i still do). I used a cream called Soolantra (1% ivermectin) which helped with the little spots on my nose and around it. It is destined against demodex that live on the skin and also has antiinflammatory properties. You could ask your doctor about it. :)

  2. Omg its been so long!

    I suppose you must be finishing tane by now. I still have 60 days to go. When Im done, I will have been on accutane for almost 10 months ! Haha crazy, but thats what happens with the low dos version.

    Im doing fantastic, I wear no make up and feel great, it still has some faded marks, but omg I missed feeling my skin so smooth. I cant remember what having a cyst was like. Im so happy.

    Hope youre doing well.

    - Ana

  3. hello guys!

    Its week 12! (well, day 86, two days into 13) But i have uploaded some new pics 4 u guys! Some Little things decided to pop in my precious forehead, but ya know, got rid of tthem lol. So my chin has been irritating, but ive left it alone see how that goes. My marks are the big bummer here. Purple spots everywhere!! Ugh. Oh well, rather have those than zits.

    Hasnt anyone thought of uploading their own pics? Well, i get it,not everyone is comfortable with posting theur their pics of their acne on the internet haha. Oh well, you guys have a nice day.

    BTW turned seventeen this past friday!!! Woooo

  4. Hey everyone!

    Were all not to happy for now hahaha. I only know that yesterday i just couldnt take it anymore and i popped some shit. Although i dont have any active or new pimples for now, my face is covered in scars and my chin and cheeks are horrible.

    Kim.. I hope your eyes get better, idk, theyre just a really sensitive part of our body. Hope it goes away soon.

    Derp.. I admire your attitude. Btw y'all with big doses and will see results before i do... So please, eveb if you guys get clear skin before i do.. Dont leave me alone *sobs*

    Its day 74 i think, and i thought i would be waaaay better by now. Did i mention that my hyperpigmentation marks never go away? Well yeah, theyll always be there to haunt me. I hate this shit. But its the only way to go.

    I Believe that i will start seeing results by the 4th or 5 th month... Just being realistic , cuz my dose is small.

  5. Ugh im really getting tired of this. Ive got a pinful pimple on my cheek, another one on that same cheek that has been there for at least two weeks, ive got another two on my chin. It sucks, it really doEs. Two days ago my skin was all clear, except for that old one. My forehead is clear, but progress is soooo slow. I knew it was going to be slow since im on 20 mg a day, but its frustrating! Tonight imma pop those on my chin cause my chin heals quick, but my cheeks dont. Everything just sucks so bad. My bday is in two weeks and i dont want to have a pizza face on my birthday :(

  6. Hey guys!! Its been a long ass time!! Well, im finishing my second month now. Just uploaded my week 8 pics! So if you check them out please let me know how im doing. Hope everyone is getting better. It has felt like forever, but before we know it well be acne free!! Hang in there guys!!

  7. Hey guys, ive been away for such a long time! Hoping you guys are doing better. Im completing week 7, i have broken out, but its not a cyst thank god. I believe it will turn out to be a big whitehead. I was perfect three days ago. Ugh. Ill go to the derm on wednesday have my blood taken, blah blah. Worried cuz theyll need time for my tests to come out and then prescribe me another box. Ill run out of pills!! What happens when you dont take them like, for a few days?

  8. Hey kim, were the breakouts really bad when you increased your dosage? I think ill go 30mg but if i need to go higher i prefer like alternating them first, like one day 40 mg and the next 30. Ands so until it has calmed down a bit.

    Im just horrified by the thought of a really bad IB that i may not be able to control. I have noticed that my skin is taking longer to heal. Where i had that horrible multi-cyst breakout, there is now a scab. I just went crazy two days ago and you cannot believe the amount of crap i got out. Id rather have hyperpigmentation than cysts, thank you.

  9. (((HUGS)))

    I am in your shoes, and I totally get it!!!!

    I have 2 very very close GF..I swear in 10-15+ yrs I have never ever seen them with a single breakout

    So it is tough when U compare yourself to people around you, and they all 'seem' to have great skin...though I know wether u can see it or not..everyone has challenges

    and I often, like u, feel guilty for complaining or feeling depressed about my skin

    no worries..I think everyone here is supportive of one another no matter how big or small your problem may be (I know to the person dealing with the breakouts..we are most critical of ourselves)


    I think if you Dr will agree to it (mine wont) low dose/longer term is a good plan

    What does your Dr say about that plan?

    Well, she plans on doing that, but in like, 5 or 6 months and im totally going to refuse because im sure ill relapse. And since im doing accutane, im going to do it right. I dont fucking care if i have to be on it for a year to reach 120-150mg/kg! I just want my acbe gone... For good.

    I know some doctors see that the patient has cleared up well, and they just take em off early! Theyre like, oh, youre fine now. Im sure they just want to keep you coming back. So ill leave things clear to my doctor next time i speak to her (aprox. Jan 15).

    I dont care if i have to be on it for a year, im not asking for perfect skin, just manageable, average one. I have calculated that with 20mg a day, (thats 0.4mg/kg a day) i will have to be on it for 375 days to reach 150mg/kg which gives you a bigger chance of remmission. And with 30mg (0.6mg/kg a day, not a low dose anymore) you will have to take it for 250. So, a good 8 months.

  10. Well,

    Thanks to those who tell me my case isnt that bad. I can agree, but of course, one is oneself's greatest critic. When im feeling depressed about my skin, i often think to myself "you are so selfish" "it could be worse" but when you dont know anyone around you who is going through the same thing, and when you try to talk about it with someone they just tell you to wash your face. What th fuck is wrong with people? Do you really think that if the only thing i had to do was just wash my face i would have cystic acne? Are you mentally challenged? No. They dont understand. I feel embarrassed, everyone has this perfect fucking skin and i now notice more than ever, looking for a sign, a pimple, something that makes me believe im not alone. Nothing.

    I just feel alone. I think that i AM being hard on myself, but its impossible not to. Im sorry guys, i promise ill try not to exaggerate, for my sake, and for other people's, who are sick and tired of me whining about my condition. A friend of mine lost the battle to cancer last night. I thank God fpr my acne.

    Anyway. What are your thoughts on low dose accutane? Im thinking about staying at 20-30 mg for a longer course.

  11. Well, i gathered the courage to post week 4. Im two days into week 5 tho, but i was busy eating turkey and getting presents. Haha hope everyone has had a wonderful xmas! Well, you can see for urselves, that cheekbone area is vomitive, but its flat, so i guess ill pray so nothing new comes out and the scars fade a little.

  12. Woah, todays christmas eve! Time flies by! Hopefully that applies to the tane also. My wishes for 2015 are that we all have great skin, we regain our lost confidence, or course, health, food and shelter for all, qnd that someday during that year we can look at our past pics and laugh at how gross our skin was. Happy Holidays! Felices Fiestas! Frohe Weinachten für alle!

    My skin is still quite bad. My forehead and chin are doing ok for now, the small cyst on my right cheek has gone down, but has left an angry flat red mark. My most horrible area is the one on my left cheekbone, has been going up and down since day 1 and doesnt seem to want to go the fuck away. I can deal with the hyperpigmentation, which takes an eternity to go away, but that i can hide. But i cant deal with the painful pimples abd the hard bumps under the skin that swell and become red. Omg. But hey, its Christmas Eve and acne isnt going to snap away my holiday happiness.

    Remember to do your battle cry when you look at the mirror. It helps me. Because in the end, were All in for a battle between your mental strength and your acne.