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Hey, for all of you fellow acne victims, i get it, mine may not be as severe as some people's, but it is deep-set, and painful to the touch apart from being prone to ridiculous, unnecesary inflammation. Its been tough, I have tried everything, proactiv, neutrogena, cetaphil, doxyciclin, tetracyclin, (i dont know wether its spelled that way). Its just stubborn and irritating, specially when all my schoolmates have perfect f*cking skin. I am starting isotretinoin, so i hope it gets better. Im starting with a 20mg dosage, one pill a day. See how it goes. Im aware that my skin is likely to get worse before it gets better. I hope the agony is worth it in the end. I want to send a message of support, hope and love to everyone who is dealing with this self esteem crushing piece of sh*t that f*cks up your entire face and leaves you angry marks to remind you of their presence. This is an internal battle, but remember, 95% of the damage that it does is purely psychological and emotional. STAY STRONG. Acne is f*cked up, but there are people who are legless or battling cancer. Its not the end of the world. Its hard to get over it, im not saying you should just forget about it because i have yet to do that myself, and its proving itself a challenge. If you have stuck around until here, i am very grateful, if you wish some advice on how my accutane is going, feel free to message me anytime.