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  1. Day 22 of Accutane.... my skin already looks better! When i do get a pimple, it goes away very quickly! My side effects are just mild. Just some dry skin, chapped lips, dry eyes and dry palms. My teeth are sore, and that has been giving me a headache, but my mom thinks my wisdom teeth are coming in, and causing that, so idk.. But either way, it's not unbearable. (My boyfriend claims it has also made me moody, but who knows Ha Ha) My scars still haven't faded, but my skin hasn't peeled a lot ye
  2. Accutane success stories???

  3. Day 16 of Accutane.. My skin is getting very dry, and flakey some places are really dry, and others are just normal, so where I put moisturizer on, some places are breaking out. Not super bad, but just enough to wear it bothers me. (The only thing pushing me forward is knowing that in 5/6 months, I'll be CLEAR) My blackheads aren't as noticeable since my nose is peeling, but they're still there. Under my left eye, some blackheads that I didn't even know were there just popped up, and theyre a
  4. Day 14 of Accutane.. Okay, so, i do not have cystic acne whatsoever. I have pretty good skin for most people, but it is just very stubborn and this past summer it started to leave scars. And i did start breaking out more than usual (i play volleyball and basketball so i sweat a good bit) Augmentin actually really worked for me.. I started out on 2 pills a day, and got cut to 1, and my skin stayed clear. (im not sure the dosage) but my dermatologist is VERY STRICT about not wanting to keep me on