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  1. Hi so i have alot of cleansers that i have bought but they either make it worse or dont work. Thanks god i have found one that actually works now but i dont know what to do with all the old one what can i use/do with those cleansers do you have any idea?? Thanks for reading!
  2. No problem, glad I could help! By the way im just wondering the unresolved pimple that you had. Did it just resolve after a few years or did it like become inflamed again and the pus came out?
  3. Thank you so much i havent seen anybody on the internet ho had this problem. Thanks for the information!
  4. Hi I had some pretty big pimples on my cheeks like 3 months ago. Back then i popped them when they got a head. Everything came out, the fluid aswell. Since then the spots have healed. Though i can still feel something where i had the spot. The skin is perfectly flat but under it i can feel like a little bump. Its not a cyst because its small compared to a cyst aronud and i dont have hormonal acne i just irritated my skin with a facial cleanser. I wonder what might have happened, why it has ha
  5. Hi i recently i ´have got some issues with my skin and have got some breakouts because of my cleanser that i used. I have never had this much inflammed pimples (pastules) before and now just like that it broke out on my cheeks, nose and a little on my chin. It has been 2-3 weeks now and some of the pimples are gone now, but they have left som anoying pinkish hard flat spots. Im wondering what it could be, i guees it might be hyperthrophic scars. incase it is do they fade away or do i need to tre