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  1. Im right there with you. The hardest part of it all is feeling the relief from finally achieving clear skin after suffering for so long with debilitating acne, realizing how much happier you are and how much easier your life is, and then to have it all come back. It's the biggest let down in the world. I had zero acne for my whole adolescence, but I struggled with body dysmorphic disorder and thought i was a complete monster. When I suddenly got adult-onset acne, it gave my dysmorphic tendencies
  2. For about two weeks, I was pretty much acne free except for a few superficial white heads here and there. Things were starting to clear up and I was really hopeful, and then this past week I've been breaking out in 1-2 deep pimples everyday. I'm at my 4.5 month mark, and thought I could finally put this all behind me. For those two weeks where I didn't break out, I felt this huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Now I'm back to having actual nightmares about breakouts at night, and waking up in
  3. I'm not sure if our post-cyst nuggets are similar, but here's what i did to get rid of one of mine recently. I had this cyst injected 3 times, and it continued to be inflamed and risen, it would go up and down so as it would go up I would freak out that it was becoming a full-blown cyst again. the other day, i decided to just slightly poke it with a very fine needle. and so much liquid (pretty much clear) erupted out of it like it was under a lot of pressure. It went down a bit, then again the
  4. That sounds just awful. I had a short couple days where I didn't get any new pimples and got so excited that maybe I was finally catching a break, and then of course it all went to shit again. I feel like such a broken person. If someone had told me that nearly 4 months into this treatment that my skin would still be as bad as ever, i probably would've laughed in their face. I can only imagine your frustration because you've been on it a bit longer than I have. I can imagine that with the consta
  5. I just read this entire thread looking for inspiration and I think i got a bit. Ive been on spiro for 14 weeks, and everyday i am still getting new deep, red, gigantic lesions. Some of them are cystic, but some are poppable but they still last weeks and then leave a red mark for months. So at this point, my face is pretty abysmal with current pimples and old marks. If i go 12 hours without a new pimple, i get all excited thinking "maybe its working" but then I break out in 3 new huge ones and al
  6. What was the regimen that your holistic doctor put you on that got rid of the active acne?
  7. I'm also a type 1 diabetic and have only developed acne in the last few years (I'm 23 now, started getting acne that was worth being concerned about when I was 20) and have been doing a lot of research and experimenting with diet/insulin/blood sugars and the effect on my acne. On the science side of things, high spikes in insulin (which is how diabetics are forced to combat any carbs we ingest) messes with hormones that can cause acne, and causes receptors on the skin to be expressed that increa
  8. I get extremely cyclical, inflamed acne on my cheeks about every two weeks. Within a 3 day period, I'll break out in about 15 pimples that are mostly on my cheeks, and extremely large and red and inflamed. The breakouts linger for about a week, then I have a few days with no break outs, and just as I'm starting to work on healing all the scars, the next outbreak happens. I call these time periods "explosions". It's awful to go from having hope that things are looking up to having a face covered
  9. This post made me cry because I could relate so much to it (as if i didn't already cry about my face today). Even though I see that it can get so much worse for some people, my constant and daily breakouts (and then lasting scars) is causing me such a level of anxiety and heartbreak that I sometimes question how much longer I can handle this. I would consider my acne to exceed the ranges of "normal acne", though not as terrible as those with cysts and nodules everywhere. It is tearing me apart e
  10. So today I had a revelation about my acne, and decided to take semi-drastic measures for a month to see if I can achieve clearer skin. Here's my story: My acne: I am 23 years old, and my battle with deep, hormonal acne began about 3 years ago. Slowly, over the course of those 3 years, I have tried what I consider to be "everything" to get the breakouts to stop. To no avail. When it first began and was very new to me, i was trying a lot of at home remedies: honey, strawberry, banana, advil,
  11. sladnacne

    seeking answers

    seeking answers

    Im posting this, much less as a review and more so for answers and support. I have been on spironolactone for 3 months in total. For the first 6 weeks i was on 50mg, and since january 8th, I have been on 100mg. And continuously throughout this entire 3 months I have been breaking out worse than ever. I keep sticking it out because I kept hoping that the next month would bring clear skin, but as I hit exactly 3 months on this medicine, I am extremely depressed because three months ago I got mysel