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  1. How would you compare them, do you think Rullan is as knowledgeable or passionate about acne scars as Lim? Thanks
  2. You definitely need subcision. In Florida the man to see is Steven F Weiner. A plastic surgeon. The success of subcision is extremely operator dependant.
  3. Don't get too discouraged. I have similar scarring and my "plan A" is flatten things out then get tattoos like these
  4. Hey! Thank you for reading my post and for your inpunt The highest retin-a I've used is 0.05. It does make the cyst disappear but it's like a game of whack-a-mole on my face and sometimes my back lol. Do you use retin-a on the spot or all over? I've only used it on each cyst. Maybe I've been doing it wrong. Thank for your input. So low dose Accutane won't affect my healing if I stop taking it for only a few weeks? Would you say 20mg a day is low dose?
  5. Hi. I'm on 60mg a day Isotretinoin and I'm about to finish this course which is like my 4th or 5th in the past 8 years. Almost everytime I finish a course I start breaking out like 4 months after. I really want to start scar treatments this year but I'm sure I'll start breaking out months after I finish this Accutane course. My acne is genetic my siblings and parent all have acne scars. Is there anything I can do to prevent breakouts after this course so I can start my acne scar
  6. There are different type of acne scars, treatments must be aimed at each scar type. A treatment that works for one scar type may not work for another. Please post pictures in different angles of light and people here will help you identify the scar types and tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.
  7. He has said he treats 14+ which is when teens start feeling self conscious about their scars.
  8. 1 moth after last procedure. It says so in the description under the photo.
  9. Some doctors say there's a benefit to combining microneedling right after subcision. Something about vertical and horizantal. Is that B.S?
  10. This is an Instagram post from a well known and respected acne scar speacialist. Absolutely. Still, these are results SOMEONE achieved.
  11. How did he examine your face? Did he use different angles of light? Did he touch your face? Did he map out scars? Thanks
  12. Subcision, low density lasers, or microneedling. Respect the anatomy in this area. See a dermatologist of plastics for some treatments with the above combination. 3-4 sessions will yield a 70-90% improvement. Dr davin lim Edit by MOD: Link posting, marketing, or advertising, is not allowed here!
  13. You should post on realself as well, it's free advice from doctors.