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  1. I'm looking to have subcision done by the best doctor possible. Has anyone (especially on the East Coast) gone to a doctor who is pretty knowledgeable about subcision? (I know about Rappaport, but people have apparently been dissatisfied with his results as well as his manner.) If you know of anyone, please post. Kara
  2. Did the antibiotics make the initial breakout less severe? I'd like to try Taz soon but I've herad that you look awful for the first month or so because of the initial breakout. I'm wonderiing whether mino will control the initial breakout. Thanks, Kara
  3. For those of you who've tried this, does it reduce inflammation on pimples that have already emerged? I have a few that have already been "popped" by a derm but are still inflamed. Thanks again to LionQueen and everyone else who's posted about this. I will definitely try it before my next cycle, but it's too late for this one!
  4. I wanted to get a 20% TCA peel. I am ok with 7-9 days of downtime, but I was wondering whether anyone suffered redness that lasted for longer than this (like a month or two). If this is too risky, I'll try something lighter.
  5. For those who've had cysts drained, did they always leave a linear scar? If not, did you do anything to prevent it from forming? One of my cysts had to be lanced yesterday. I have put neosporin on it and am covering with a bandaid. I've had this done many time before, and if a linear scar was left behind, I usually can't find it. But this incision seemed a little longer than the ones I had before. Thanks!
  6. Kaiser, I just want to clarify: You were on the 10mg dose for 1 year 25 years ago? And now, 25 years later, you are on the same dose? How long were you clear for after the first dose?
  7. Kaiser, What happened after your first 8 month dose? Did the acne come back as bad as it was before?
  8. My acne is mild-moderate but cystic, so my doctor wants to put me on low-dose accutane (starting with 20mg per day and going down to every other day or every three days) for a year or two. Has anyone tried this? How long were you on it, and how well did it work during and after treatment? What side effects (dry lips, hair loss) did you get?
  9. I just got a prescription for this, but the doc said he would prescribe accutane if I want. I have 1-2 cysts at any given time (am clear maybe 1 week out of the month). Does Minocycline clear this kind of acne, or does it only work on non-cystic acne?
  10. Rosih- I'm not sure which one you are in the picture, but both of you have completely clear skin, and no other blemishes to speak of. I'm just curious about why you feel you can't go out without makeup?
  11. I am nervous b/c I need to look good by Thursday night. Don't wash?? Why?? I'm afraid I'll break out if I don't.
  12. It's not that serious. I did the peel last night. I can see that small parts are beginning to peel, but most of it is still just red. (What surprises me the most is that I only had the stuff on for 1 min 20 secs at most!) How badly burned were you? For me, it looks like a medium to bad sunburn. (I saw sunburned people outside who looked worse.)
  13. Robert or anyone else- In your experience, how long does it take for most of the brown to peel off?
  14. Thanks for the quick replies. I was concerned because I recall someone posting that they were scarred by TCA. Will the red areas turn brown? I'm doing a presentation on Thursday afternoon so I am hoping it will be ok by then.