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  1. Hi guys, I just wonder if anyone has taken Clearzine Acne Pills and if it works. I had pretty okay skin since my last and third course of Accutane, but with some slight breakouts that I unreasonably freak out coz I was too used to seeing clear skin when I was on Accutane. Therefore, after reading all those positive reviews, I bought 2 bottles of Clearzine from Amazon. But instead of seeing instant improvement as claimed in the Amazon reviews, my skin seemed to have broken out more, with some c
  2. sounds right. i usually pay 5$ for all my prescriptions, including accutane which would normally be $620.
  3. Thx a lot... I didnt use it yesterday coz my skin was too dry and tight... I scratched the red area...and Im depressed coz it is definitely gonna leave a scar...
  4. OMG...I had horrible redness on my face now. I know Im fussy, but Should I really continue applying Retin-A on those areas? Im afraid its gonna leave a spot when the redness is gone
  5. So... am I suppose to apply a pea-sized Retin-A cream on my entire face? Last night when I washed my face, the affected areas became so read and stinging...really didn't dare to apply Retin-A on...
  6. I just started Retin-A (Tretinoin 0.025% cream - ALPH) 2 days ago. I've been following the instruction leaflet, which says something like "apply to the affected and surrounding area". But in fact, when I checked the website of Retin-A today, it says "apply on the entire face". So I'm just confused whether I should use it on my entire face. Again, I realize it stings and peels my acne now...So I wonder if this condition happens, shoul I continue using it on the stinging/peeling area?
  7. It's really crap! When I was in Australia, I didn't deal with this freaking annoying process, now I'm studying in the States, and IPLEDGE just drives me crazy!
  8. My derm perscribed Accutane for me a month ago, but since my insurance does not cover it, I could only stay on doxy, which has had not improvement so far. (I've been taking for nearly 2 mths ) And recently I searched on some websites and found out that Accutane in Canada are much cheaper than in the States. But the problem is... in the States, there's IPLEDGE program for Accutane..so I wonder if I can still buy them online
  9. Hey guys, I really feel frustrated since the doxycycline that my derm perscribed for me doesn't seem to be efficient. So I really wanna get back to Accutane again. I've tried the treatment of Accutane when I was in Australia, but the price was not as expensive as in Seattle. And since my bloody student insurance does not cover it, it's ridiculously expensive!! So I wonder whether there's a better insurance that convers Accutane. Thx
  10. Basically, my derm put me on accutane a couple of weeks ago. But when I took the perscription to the pharmacy, they told me that it cost around $500 per month... It was ridiculous! I had this treatment in Australia before, and although the medicine was expensive, it didnt cost that much! (it was AUS$140 per pack) No, with the darn insurance of my school, I cant afford it! And my derm put me on Doxy afterwards. I've been taking it for 2 weeks...barely noticed any improvement.... So, can anyon