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  1. hey... dont worry about missing a pill... the drug has a fairly low half-life and it wont really make any difference if you take it at a different time during the day or if you miss one occasionally... just take 2 the next day. (its not hormonal like birth control or something) also your face looks fine... you're only a few weeks in but give it another 5-6 and your acne will start to disappear!! good luck. accutane works.... ive never heard of someone who took it and didnt get at least a big i
  2. hey lauren your topic " Please work oh please work oh PLEASE work" you mention you have mild-moderate acne that doesn't respond to antibiotics, etc. this was exactly my situation... i took tetracycline and it did absolutely nothing. im finished accutane after doing 5 months (2 @ 40mg and 3 @ 80 mg) my faced used to be fairly bad with a few cysts every week. let me tell you -- since the end of the second month, i have not had a single zit. NOTHING. no cyst/zit/pimple/red spot, anything. Pra
  3. i worried about joint pain & hair loss & all that for about 2 weeks, but it never really materialized... for me, the long term side effects that i've had for the past 5 months have been: dry lips -- never fails, they're always pretty dry. usually not that bad. really bad in the middle of the long stretch of 80mg dry hands -- very dry... makes it hard to do friction-type work with your hands because they start to hurt dry eyes -- with or without contacts, my eyes are much more dry. (w/ c
  4. hey!! i had the same deal -- quite mild but always present acne... i'd average about 2-3 zits at any given time & would have kind of... just red spots of infection under my skin that would make my skin look quite unhealthy all over... i did 2 months of 40 mg. not much difference after the first month, but about 6-8 weeks in things started to get better. by 12 weeks, I was basically completely clear. I stepped up to 80mg for the last 3 months (a large dose for mild acne, but I weigh about 20
  5. accutane is amazing isnt it?? remember me? we started around the same time. i know what you mean... i barely ever come back because I'm been completely clear for months. yea, its a wonderful thing to have nice skin. it's just nice not to have to worry about a huge zit every day. @$&[email protected] that sucks!! anyway, as for me, lips are pretty freakin dry too, but i just use lip balms all day and live with that. sometimes they are worse than other times. good to hear u're doing well. the side effects im
  6. yea wtf is going on m8 lol i think he mentioned in a previous post he's gettin better
  7. yes, blurred for anonymity... i am going to be 100% honest about the experience if my log is completely anonymous. 2 pills left in my current package, then 1 more package (30 pills of 40mg, 2 weeks worth) and I am done. I was completely clear by about 10 weeks. Haven't had a zit in months. Now my skin is completely flawless... everyone tells me I look great and of course they lie and say "what is it that's different? you look so much better lately, etc." (in other words, how did your skin beco
  8. hey man my parents are european and i am uncut as well. i know what you mean about lube. just to explain this to people who are not familiar -- it's not that uncut guys are naturally lubed... its just that this is a mobile layer of skin on the shaft of the penis that can slide back and forth and so there is not skin/skin friction as there is if you are cut. naturally, sex and masturbation do not require and kind of lube... i'm on my fifth month of accutane. i have been completely clear (not a
  9. its shocking man. for years i tried all kinds of crap and NOTHING worked to fix acne. absolutely nothing. antibiotics didn't even show any noticeable improvement at all... pro activ was useless, etc. accutane just completely ended all my acne. it is ridiculous, i can't believe it really worked so well
  10. GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Acne has disappeared completely. I haven't had a zit/cyst/pimple for over 2 weeks now. My lips are dry as hell but I couldn't be happier. I did 60 days on 40mg, and now I have done 20 days on 80mg. I'm going to do another 70 days on 80mg to make sure that my acne never comes back.... GOOD LUCK GUYS, ACCUTANE IS A FRIGGIN MIRACLE... I haven't had any serious side effects at all. Just dryness (which has gotten severe sometimes but it's a small price to pay for the skin th
  11. it takes 2 months until you begin to see an effect. mine was bad between months 1-2. it got better by the end of month 2. by the end of month 3 (now on 80mg)... i haven't had a zit/cyst/pimple in over two weeks. my skin is COMPLETELY clear. flawless. you would never know that I ever had acne. it's a complete miracle.
  12. yo man tell me if your acne is as bad as mine in my pics above....they're a bit small though but most of the red are hard bumps and theres about 6 whiteheads u can't see yours is worse than mine, but that doesnt mean it wont help. just keep taking the accutane and let some time go by. it won't help you over night... it takes time. but seriously, you will see huge improvements soon enough and it will really improve your life. people with mild/light acne are usually completely cured by a
  13. good luck. my acne has gone down 90% in 60 days of 40 mg accutane. i'm doing another 90 days at 80 mg accutane so hopefully I will never have a pimple again. i started out with only light/moderate cystic/nodular acne but accutane has really worked for me.
  14. week 7 photo flash always makes my skin look wretched.... actually, it has improved drastically since I started accutane. People are astonished and are asking me how my skin got to look how it does now. With the exception a huge cyst on the edge of my mouth.... ugh... and some very minor whiteheads that disappeared in 1 or 2 days, basically I've been acne-free for the past 2 weeks. I'm almost on week 8. The amount of under-the-skin acne I have has been reduced 75% and the amount of zits I
  15. thanks, i think i'm going to try some vitamin E week 5 photo this is actually kind of a bad photo. in regular light my skin looks more healthy than it has in years... flash cameras kinda make you look terrible sometimes
  16. UPDATE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! After only 5 weeks my case of mild acne has dramatically improved ... Whiteheads have completely stopped, only one cyst in two weeks ... The skin looks WAY more healthy ... this is a miracle drug!!! Also, I have had other good effects: -- my hair is no longer greasy and looks much better -- i dont have to wash the grease off my face several times a day -- my bed sheets dont get oily at all after sleeping in them -- the feeling of walking around all day and driving
  17. Day 24 Here's the photos for Day 24. definitely had a bit of a breakout on day 19/20 but it already healed really fast... still no side effects. i feel fine after workouts, no joint pain, no depression, etc. just slightly chapped lips and slightly sore eyeballs when i wear my contacts all day. I have anxiety but that's unrelated to accutane because I had it before i started.
  18. I strongly doubt that the booze caused it. Accutane is hepatotoxic and so is alcohol... Basically, you don't want to mix them because you will cause some degree of acute liver damage. Your liver is obviously essential to life and it has 10+ functions, so you don't want to bastardize it... Hence the doctor's warning. But that's really all the warning is about... There is some evidence that your triglycerides will go up if you use the two at the same time. That being said, I drink pretty much on
  19. wow, this is a really useful article for me. I lift weights and take creatine/whey... This is bad for my skin?!?
  20. I have the same issue.. Some days I really need loads of lip chap or my lips get terrible... then they look glossy. Small price to pay for nice skin though!
  21. Good news and bad news!! Good news: Went to the doctor for my first set of blood tests. My AST (liver enzyme) level is only slightly elevated and is fine. I am very happy because I was worried that my drinking (before I started accutane, I've only had a 3-4 drinks in the almost 3 weeks I've been on it) would have my liver enzymes up. My cholesterol was raised a bit so I need to make sure I don't eat any fast food and continue to drink green tea and soy milk to keep my LDL chol. levels down. O