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  1. Oh my god yes. I'm well scared to start school with a face load of pimples. Least its my last year though and then I'm off to college. School can be so depressing.
  2. Both My Parents are 100% clear. No Oily skin or anything, there lucky lol. But my mum did get acne when she was a teen but grew out of it. So maybe there might be hope for me.
  3. I would recommend the CSR, its helped alot of people on this message board on here. Im not on it currently but I'm sure somone on here will tell you more about it.
  4. Seriously, your acne is no where near bad. Infact, I wouldnt even consider that to be acne. Just spot treat with a bit of BP and use a mild cleanser. Hope this helps.
  5. My other worst problem other then acne is probably my lisp. Its really annoying cause I hate saying stuff with strong S's
  6. If I didn't have any acne, I would definatley be more sociable, out going and flirt a bit more. I would be much more confident, unlike the sefl concious girl I am now Guess you can have everything.
  7. Mines 5th September, lucky me I guess cause I live in the UK. I dont wanna go back to school really, unless a miracle happens making my skin flawless lol. Very unlikley to happen though.
  8. Hi Everyone I'm going to the doctors on Friday cause obviously my acne which is getting me so down latley. Just had another breakout which is not good lol. But the thing is I want my doctor to put me on a birth control pill but I'm scared to ask her incase she says no lol. How can I like perswade her to pescribe me on a birth control pill for my acne?
  9. After reading your post, it made me feel so sad inside. I'm so sorry for your lost .
  10. I'm going to start using differin but does it matter if I use it in the morning if i just stay out of the sun? I know it says you should use it at night but I was just wondering does it really matter if you use it in the morning time of the day?
  11. Well at the moment I'm currently using Bio-Oil. Its been about 3-4 days now and it has helped in reducing the apperance of it a bit
  12. Same with me its not fair. Why do I have this curse acne lol ahh.
  13. This girl has not spots at all. She is a beauty and practically complains about everything... especially her looks. She is the very one who remarked me as "unhealthy look" due to the scars and persistent acne I have acne. During the duration I spent to get the project done, I basically have no time to prepare for my exams. By the time I completed the group project all by myself, I was mentally drained and left with only 4 days to prepare for exam during which this girl, of whom criticized my
  14. I really hate people that complain on some tiny rash or some really small spot. Its like for god sake I've got heaps of spots but you dont see me complaining about it 24/7.
  15. Hmm...Well personally, I tend to avoid like you said the most obvious forms of dairy products, milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Although these past weeks I've been having huge chocolate cravings which is not doing myself and my skin any favours. So I'm cutting that out my diet tomorrow.