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  1. Eek olive oil broke out my skin so bad.. Read my other post what it did to me. It may work for others but it is comedogenic. This site shows what oil clogs your pores and what doesn't [removed]
  2. Right now I'm using Obagi elastiderm eye gel treatment.. I don't get milia from it. I use to have really dry skin under eyes and it would make me look way older because it looked so wrinkly. It's helped but I'm not gonna say it's a miracle product yet since it's only been a month. My eyes aren't as dry but still have some lines. I'm only 26 so I needed to find something. I think next time I'll get the cream version though.
  3. I use a depilatory cream like the Sally Hansen one from Walmart.. I don't break out from it and it leaves my skin really smooth. I don't leave it on long or my skin will get very irritated. You may have had ingrown hairs that caused bumps.. Not sure if it's that just a guess..
  4. Have you tried make up for ever foundation? They have pale colors & great coverage.
  5. The lock it tattoo concealer from kat von d line at sephora is very pigmented. It is crazy how much coverage you get for using very little of it. I don't know about the acne part, as long as you wash it off thoroughly, I believe it will be okay.
  6. When I went to makeup school, my teacher taught me the science behind oily skin. She said oil is being produced when your skin is dehydrated, so it's making up for the lack of moisture. Night creams penetrate the skin vs moisturizers stay on top. My skin is flaky yet oily. I hate it! I started using a night cream and that helped my oil a lot. I get a few little pimples from the night cream, I think I used too much. I tried cutting the usage down to a few times a week. Go to sephora or a depar
  7. I do not work for truebeauty or obagi. I have my before and afters to show you. You can buy wherever and whatever you like. I posted my struggle and the research on where to purchase products. More pictures to prove I just want to help others. Me before and me today holding a Obagi 360 face wash Here are all the products. The clenziderm is out so I bought the new stuff.
  8. I started using the clarisonic twice a week because it was too harsh when I tried it daily in the beginning. I got little breakouts from it. Then after I switched to the Obagi 360 I can use it daily now. If I'm wearing makeup, I wash one time with my hands, then one time with clarisonic.
  9. I never found products that worked consistently. I would try every kind of product. I went on another phase and tried olive oil to clean my face but ended up clogging every single pore. I didn't know it was the olive oil until a month later, when my face was completely broken out. The esthetician told me I need to try obagi and tretinoin. I did tretinoin for 6 months but my skin never got use to it. I didn't like how dry and painful my skin felt. It would peel chunks of skin and with my job, I h