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  1. When my acne was at its worst I could always relate to this song (though I'm a guy) . Just thought I'd share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phy3DTky-Zs Soft Cell: The Girl With The Patent Leather Face Look, she's here again The girl with the patent leather face Tears pictures out of magazines Looks longingly at makeup ads And glossy spreads of beauty queens The girl with the patent leather face Sits in a darkened bedsit gloom She chains her door, squats on the floor Lets no one into her r
  2. This is my third isotretinoin course. I'm on day 15 and woke up noticing that there was a bump on each of my eyebrows. My right eyelid was swollen and partially closed. I work at a Walgreens and asked the pharmacist about it. She told me it looked like a stye and that it should go away in a few days. I got on my phone and looked up "styes" and then looked up "accutane + styes" and found that there was quite a few people on isotretinoin who experienced styes as a side-effect (during or after) .
  3. To all the people who say derms aren't doing anything about it: For most people who over the counter stuff doesn't work for, a derm will give you antibiotics and higher strength benzyl peroxide that should clear you up. If you have more severe acne, or aren't reacting to the other meds, you go on Accutane. All of my dad's side of the family has horrible acne and have all been on Accutane. It works. Period. I've been through two Accutane runs within' the last five years. My last one was about
  4. I've been off my second course of Accutane for about a year and a half. By the end of the course my face was about flawless. It started coming back little by little and now I have a decent amount of ance back on my face. It really sucks. I'm out of college now so I don't even have insurance to go back to the derm.
  5. My prescription BP is gone and I don't have insurance curently. What's the strongest over the counter benzyl peroxide on the market? I really like my benzamycin paks but I can't shell out $70 for acne meds right now.
  6. I was on 20mg, once a day, for 5 months. I was happy with the results. Check out my gallery.
  7. So I got really bored and made some Accutane and BP tshirts. You can see them here: http://www.cafepress.com/ubercoolfun When I'm not beyond povert I think I'm going to order a shirt and a bumper sticker. All the prices are at the cafepress base, so I'm not making any money on these. I just thought they'd be fun to wear. I doubt many people would get it. Anyways, there they are.
  8. I want to find someone else who's damaged. We'd repair each other!
  9. I'm obsessed with Degrassi, too. I know its a stupid preteen soap opera, but you get sucked in...
  10. I actually find people with a little acne more attractive than those without. I feel their pain. I can relate.
  11. You click the "add image" icon in the editor (looks like a picture of tree) . Then you can just paste the URL of where the pic is and it will post it in the message. You can upload your pics for free at places like photobucket.com
  12. Kodae


    Random Stuff...Everyone Else Is Doing It
  13. Here's my best one. Thank you, accutane.
  14. Fow those of you who have bacne, how do you handle going to the pool? Personally, I usually don't. I'm too worried about how my back looks. I debate wearing a shirt but, sometimes I worry that just makes me stand out even more. Anyone else this neurotic?