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  1. wow.. 66 pages!! Would need one whole night to finish if have to but i'm not going to. So, is it working for anyone here? From the last few posts, it doesn't seem to. my skin is dry and super oily after using clinique's soap bar. I hate soap bars, they just dry up your delicate skin.Ahh!!
  2. i been using Clinique's facial soap for oily skin for a week and wondering if it's meant for ppl having oily skin or ppl wanting to have oily skin. And of course, lots of breakouts had triggered. Should i stop using it? I'm tired of battling acne and want a regimen or method which is the best in present time. Please, i don plan to take accutane. Thanks
  3. lun

    indented redmark?

    i have posted some of my scar pic in my gallery. Feel free to check it out. Comments are well accepted. Thnx. I took it with my phone so it may not be very much clear. PLease reply. THnx
  4. i have posted my picture with my scars in my gallery. Feel free to see and check it out. Any comment is very much appreciated.Thnx
  5. lun

    my scars

    pic of my scars yay
  6. go to this forum topic my topic forum. You will know some of the people idea or opinion to it.
  7. well.. is it possible that the scars form due to the tretinoin cream and the clindatech solution i use?
  8. i'm using clindatech. It did help a lot but still have minor breakout
  9. lun

    indented redmark?

    anyone else have had their indented red mark healed without leaving scars? Hope there is so that can relieve people like me who are crestfallen facing the indented red mark. THnx
  10. i'm using clindatech but still suffering from breakouts. My doctor also prescribed me using a cream contain Tretinoin but not minomycin. GOod luck to you, maybe your body is still not used to antibiotic yet. Time will tell.
  11. yezzir, i have the same type of acne scars as you have but mine are numerous in number. About 5 to 7 on my right cheek and A LOT in my left. I wish they will get filled in themselve but h---, that is not sensible; a scar is a scar afterall.
  12. lun

    indented redmark?

    i don get you lucy mom, sorry. well, i just have to face the fact that i have HOLES on my skin where everybody can see. I'm sad
  13. thnx masterk Ever heard of that acne scars will get filled-in by themselves?
  14. lun

    indented redmark?

    but how come the others are saying their indented scars will be filled?