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  1. Skin types are often wrongly diagnosed by practitioners or through means of self-evaluation. To clarify the misconception that all acne suffers are oily skinned we must accurately determine if that be the case. I have provided a link to “Dr. Baumann Skin Type Questionnaire†which was kindly shared by MUA (makeupalley.com) member AlFitz614. Hopefully, the outcome you receive will help determine a proper regimen of appropriate topical products for your diagnosed skin condition. I for one wa
  2. Those are minute compared to what problems are ailing me. Why you are complaining is beyond me. Now lets find someone with real problems.
  3. I've been following Dan's regimen for years but still my facial redness has proven more than persistent. Although my face is considerably more tanned and red than the rest of my body I haven't had a pimple for a good solid year, so I suppose mission accomplished. As affective as the regimen is, I have decided to take another approach to prevent my acne and deep burning facial redness. There is a new line Eucerin released called "Eucerin Redness Relief."As the title reads, it's suppose to reduce
  4. i am thinking of buying a new acne fighter. which of the two is more affective BP or Tea Tree Oil. note: i've been using BP for months with slight success.
  5. take it 2 months before school ends... that gives you 4 months including summer. so you can start school with 4 months of accutane behind you, thats how i see it.
  6. never been to a dermatologist. my family doctor (general practician) is just as helpful.
  7. redness is the first sign that bp is working. if the redness persists, discontinue using the cream until the redness subsides then continue. your skin needs to adjust to the change, especially people with sensitive skin.
  8. i wasn't aware that BP bleaches. you sure the collar damage isn't from wear-and-tear?
  9. are you a life guard at a local swimming pool or a life guard at a beach? why i ask... ocean water (salt water) is good for the skin, so i assume it would act as a fighting agent against acne. thought i should share that info with you.
  10. hmmm, interesting thread. if my personal regime fails me, i may consider using the wash cloth fix. thecure, wasn't very thorough when explaining the procedure. i can only assume he ment the steps listed below: 1. dampen cloth and microwave for ~ 1min 2. let the cloth simmer/cool until skin can tolerate the heat. 3. gently massage cloth into face as if washing with soap. 4. stop massaging and let face settle down. 5. repeat steps 1-4 (2 more times) questions: 1. after the routine