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  1. Hey there - Now I know your meant to steer clear of all topical treatments when taking roaccutane as you can over-dry your skin and fuck it up in whole other ways, BUT, knowing what I'm like, I'm going to be really unhappy if any major zits come up and I just have to LEAVE em unattended. Therefore I was wondering if there was anything actually safe to apply to individual spots while on roaccutane? I'm thinking herbal treatments like tea tree oil, or gentle antispectic creams should be ok, but w
  2. Sorry to be throwing a whole bunch of questions in one go...I've read the tips on taking high-dose Vitamin E while on roaccutane to help with redness/scarring. But I've also had zinc recommended to me as a good skincare supplement. Is it useful/safe to take that alongside roaccutane? Thanks, hope someone has an answer... Seb x
  3. Morning, noon or night... I know it's best taken with a meal. For some reason I seem to think it'd be best to take it with an evening meal and have it do it's thing overnight while I'm sleeping. And then during the day be taking some supplementary vitamins and such like to help deal with the side-effects. But perhaps this isn't the best idea? Or maybe it just really doesn't make any difference either way?! Anyway, any thoughts much appreciated. S x
  4. Hi there - I've just been prescribed a course of Roaccutane. Slightly nervous, but hopefully it'll be the thing to finally do the job after 4 years of moderate to severe HELL. Anyway, I was just wondering what skincare products were best to go alongside the course? I think the stuff I'm on now (Zirh skincare range) is likely to be too harsh/astringent.... It's also vitamin enriched, which may be problematic alongside Roaccutane? Any tips would be seriously appreciated, you guys seem to be a g