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  1. Hey. Am I right in thinking that the "caveman regimen" is just cleansing your skin with water only? If so, the biggest downside to that routine for me is the dead skin that builds up, of course the skin looks a whole lot clearer but the dead skin becomes very visible after a certain amount of time and what I've discovered when removing it is that there are a load of pimples underneath which really sucks. I'd suggest still using water to wash your face but using those little cotton pads to gen
  2. Hey guys! I'm completely aware of how detrimental dairy products are for the skin and almost always try to steer clear of them. Earlier today, I discovered that Bio-Yogurt (natural) had been put in my dinner and I did a little bit of research on it, and several sources seems to say that bio-yogurt is the only dairy product that is beneficial for the skin due to it being probiotic. I'm really confused about whether it's going to make my acne worse or better right now. Do any of you guy