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  1. The regular version has spf 15 in it while the night version doesn't. I just use it at night so don't need the spf.
  2. Hey Brandy, Nice to see you're still around helping others on the CSR.
  3. Hey smashingpumpkins, I haven't been on in awhile. REMEMBER ME?!!! ACV the cure for everything? Maybe good to eat. MUHAHAHHAHHA. Whatever floats your boat.
  4. Hey People, I haven't been on in a long while. I see that the Clear Skin Regimen is now called Dan Kern's Regimen? Just wanted to update people about my progress with it. I started around June with the CSR, with first 10% bp, then 5%, and around July down to the CSR gel of 2.5%. I had doubts that Dan's gel would work since it had such a low concentration of bp, but was pleasantly surprised that it worked just fine. Before I started the CSR, I would break out a lot and had lots of old red mar
  5. Well try using less moisturizer and definitely not cetaphil with its oil. Also, get some AHA for the night because it exfoliates and aids in preventing pimples.
  6. Well, at least for me when I drink my face gets a little red or flushed so you can see my redmarks as well. It might just be a temporary effect though because the next day my face gets back to normal.
  7. I would say don't use one. I just use a sunscreen and my face doesn't get dry or oily. If you don't get dry then don't use it. You probably will see an improvement in not breaking out as much.
  8. Macadamia nut oil is all I have to say. Consider an oil free moisturizer.
  9. Cetaphil has macadamia nut oil that may be causing your problems. Consider and oil free moisturizer.
  10. Well, I'm of the opinion that it should work right away. If it's not then you are probably doing something wrong and a minor tweak may help. I was pretty much clear after about a week and have been for 3 months. Some things I've noticed was to use a lot less moisturizer, and maybe none at all or just a sunscreen. Also, nightly application of an AHA fades redmarks left behind by bp and exfoliates aiding in preventing pimples.
  11. Vinegar isn't half as good as bp in preventing acne. Stick with bp.
  12. I've been using the night version of neutrogena healthy skin for a month and a half. Most of my marks have faded well but the better part is that the tone of my skin has become very even and it is not blotchy anymore. The key is just to be patient and a concealer on the large red marks during the day helps out.
  13. Vinegar smells bad, can cause you to breakout, and may burn your face. There also has been no scientific proof that it can fade redmarks.
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