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  1. Hi, thank you. I appreciate your help. Yes, it's about the texture. It really doesn't cast shadows, it's just extensive surface damage. If you have surface issues is infini most likely not helpful? That's really what I'm considering, if infini is worth it or just jump into something like a physician assisted deep peel. They offer lasers too.
  2. I see a plastic surgeon next month. We've discussed infini over the phone so far. Please and thank you for any advice.
  3. Has there been studies to the damage rolling can do? Just mechanically because of the obviously different design. Dermarolling was by far the worst treatment I had ever done, anecdotally. That was before I even knew it was off-putting to some, so I had no bias. I had to use peels to fix the dermarolling tears. I never had that issue with the stamp at home or professionally administered dermapen.
  4. The place I went to get the dermapen sessions is offering Secret RF now, but they just started. The places with Infini have been using it longer so I think I'll go with the more experienced. Infini is more intimidating than just microneedling but gotta do what you gotta do.
  5. Hi everyone, I've been working on my skin for a few years now. In these pictures I do have a minor breakout, I tried intermittent fasting and it messed with my skin a bit so I'm done with that. The left side is worse than the right. I tried casting shadows in the pictures to show it all. It was a bit hard to cast anything on the right, it's shallow on that side but extensive texture issues on both sides. I've done 6 light tca peels from 12-15% at home from Nov. 2014 through August 2016 and I
  6. My honest advice is to keep getting treatment. Treatment to the skin is really the only fix, maybe some therapy if you need it. I know this journey had an extreme impact on my mental health and self esteem. Mental health can sway dating life as well. I've been on this journey for 3 years, and have gone through phases of not leaving my house to holding stable employment and dating. I'm a severe case, like strangers actually made comments in public and I would get stares with disgust or sadness o
  7. Boxcar and rolling scars on my entire face. I live in New England. I could only see one in the New England/NY area as far as travel. Thanks Clareabella. Yes though, that is how people see me. I've made a woman cry in the grocery store once, it scared her that badly. My scarring is SEVERE. It makes people extremely unsettled. I don't blame them, but no, it's absolutely not just in my head.
  8. Mostly asking for people with severe scarring that have had professional treatment. Are dermatologist/plastic surgeons mean? I know they'll be blunt and to the point, I'm okay with that. My face scares people. It makes strangers disgusted. I just feel a lot of anxiety about seeing a professional. Wondering people's experiences as far as their reaction to you. I'm at the point of suicide. I have a date set. I can't live like this. I do not expect or want normal skin, I just want bad skin. Ri
  9. Your scars are sooo mild. I'd do one or two 12-15% tca peels and dermastamping. Whatever you choose to do you'll have great results. Congrats on clear skin!
  10. I came into this topic a day before a big interview for a position I really desired. I've barely left my house since I starting scar treatments so I was really nervous. I've gotten nasty comments and uncomfortable stares in the past. This video hit me hard because I feel like that's what people think when they look at me. I read some of the positive comments here and just went ahead and put myself out there. I got the job. I nearly cried when I heard the news because this is the most progress
  11. Fuck lasers tbh. I hate that they push it so hard. My crazy thing that actually works is potato slices. I peel one and stick the peels all over my face. Look ridiculous but it improves my hyperpigmentation and improved active acne when I had it. Better than any product I've used.
  12. You're a very attractive guy. I think you should check out the scar treatment subforum if you haven't already. We all know what you're going through. It's a great place to get support for both the emotional setbacks and work towards improvement. I have similar scars. All I've done are self treatments (dermastamp + TCA peels) over the past two years with the insight and advice from that subforum and I've made pretty good progress. If you do at home treatments you need to do thorough research a
  13. What have you been doing for treatment?
  14. What do you mean by inserting needles at the base of the scars?