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  1. This is a mild case, but I hear your stress. No need to be horrified. Maybe subcision or cross will help. Fillers as well. Standard microneedling is not helpful, don't lose hope because of that. I did 6 sessions with 0 results so I understand the frustration.
  2. I didn't feel normal for 10-14 days. It wasn't drastic after 5 days but in harsher lighting I felt better within a couple weeks.
  3. I think it's part of the process to assess the situation with others. It helps to figure out how much you want to invest in this. We ultimately don't get scar treatment for ourselves, we don't look at our face throughout the day. If all of humanity except you vanished tomorrow the last thing you'd think is oh okay, but how is my skin? We get treatment for others, so to ask the crowd for their evaluation is normal. This is not superficial, it's dealing with deep instincts. Anyway op, I think
  4. RF won't do anything for ice pick. It can help with the box cars though.
  5. Her scarring is so mild. Probably tretinoin, intensive skincare, peels and facials regularly. I think her sister Kim is into "vampire" facials with PRP. Mild laser maybe and RF microneedling.
  6. 50% after 3 treatments. I have the same exact scars as this individual, extensive but mild in depth. I have a handful of boxcars that are deeper and it was not as effective for those. I still desire a resurfacing. Not perfect but improved.
  7. My scars were your depth and I had improvement with Genius RF. No fat loss. You need an experienced operator and there isn't much concern with Genius. RF lifts but if you feel discontent with your texture you'll still need resurfacing. Resurfacing is a valid option. Rullan would be your go to. He would be able to assess if anything needs subcision prior.
  8. Progression in the hands of the medical community, it's out of your hands. You can have progress now. If you don't like the extent of progress possible, don't. A lot of us would prefer to improve our quality of life today as time is precious.
  9. Be patient. My experience was that the best results come 3-6 months after. I had my first treatment beginning of September 2019, had my third December 2019 and didn't start to feel good until March 2020. I feel great now a year later. Time is key here.
  10. I bet they did say that because BA had a bad attitude. If anyone wants to correct me on their credentials please do, but no layman should be charging for medical advice.
  11. BA gave me bad advice as well and my plastic surgeon sorted me out. I won't put them down because sometimes pictures aren't enough and a professional doing a close analysis is going to make a much better assessment. This place is for acne scar sufferers to exchange experiences which is a wonderful thing but that much clout shouldn't fall behind anyone without credentials behind scar revision. This community got a bit snuffed out by their overbearing presence if anything. No one else could give t
  12. I agree. TCA cross is an incredibly effective treatment, it's also the most common treatment I've seen cause adverse results from DIY mistakes. In my perhaps cautious but rightly so opinion, TCA cross should be recommended to be done in office. That strength of acid is not for the majority of untrained people experimenting with it on themselves. Some have success at home and that's great but for most just get yourself a good doctor to oversee that procedure and healing. I did multiple full
  13. For texture and it needs to be 0.05%+ to see results. It's been quite effective for me, although the "retinization" period was apparent and made it look worse for some time.
  14. Hardly anyone has 0% improvement, and if so it's possibly because they didn't go for the right treatment for their case or had an adverse reaction. Even people without scarring can improve their overall skin appearance. Find a procedure that's worth it to you when you weigh the cost/risk/benefits. These scars are highly treatable and good suggestions have been made.