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  1. I would do absolutely nothing and go live my life in peace.
  2. This is solid advice and goes for any genetic abnormality that reduces quality of life. It's not about you, it's about the person who will have to carry on long after you're dead.
  3. The problem with laser is two things 1. lame results and 2. worsening texture. I guess the third is redness but that's fixable. You have a 50/50 chance imo, so risk is high with benefits potentially low. Peels are superior in risk factors, but not results. I'm personally opting out of lasers. My scars are now shallow and I'm stepping away because of the texture dissatisfaction on here and real self. There are people who have come to this board with no scars, did laser, and ended up here bec
  4. I was thinking the same that 4 sessions is excessive for your case. You could skip to the resurfacing and be fine.
  5. RFMN is about stimulating and building so you have to wait at least 3 months before checking for results imo. My best results came 5-9 months down the line. Keep up with skincare, retinol/retinoids, avoiding a ton of sun exposure, good diet, etc and check much later. I think RFMN is perfect for "barely noticeable" scars that are "rugged" in certain lighting. It lifts shallow scarring creating a more even surface.There are always risks for every individual though. It's fractional CO2 o
  6. I attempted the 3 step peel in office. It was the most painful treatment I've had so far and the esthetician actually refused to do the second part with the retinol. I was calm and collected on the outside so her decision to stop was because of my skins reaction. Definitely a good heavy duty mild peel. I don't know about the blue peel. What acid is the blue peel? It says it can be mixed with tca? The 3 step is no where in league with phenol. It's not even medium. I don't think these will he
  7. Did you share the price on this dermabrasion? I have no idea the cost range on this.
  8. From that description, Mascaro sounds uneasy with dermabrasion. Also, the timing sounds rough if you'll be on campus. I know I need at least 10 days after any procedure to feel comfortable again. Is there a reason why you're second guessing the other doctor where you have the deposit down?
  9. Thanks for sharing your positive experience. You mentioned you did laser treatments. What laser did you do? Your skin looks incredibly healthy in tone and texture.
  10. That's also why there aren't good treatments developing. The demand is low. People want to brighten their beautiful skin and lesson some wrinkles. Very few people need the heavy duty revision we need.
  11. I'm actually having trouble finding a good dermabrasion doctor around here. If you see anything hopeful let me know. I won't be scheduling until early 2023 due to finances. January/february for the consultation.
  12. Will you update us? I'm in the Cleveland area and looking to do dermabrasion as well.
  13. What are the common risks of dermabrasion other than hypopigmentation?
  14. This is what happened to me on tretinoin. It didn't cause scars but it caused swelling of my tissue that made the borders of my acne scars more apparent. It also messed up my skin tone causing a red tinge which made the scars look worse. I will never touch it again. I stayed far away from it throughout my scar journey from 2014 to 2020 because we had quite a few user complaints here on acne.org. It has the same texture affect on some people as fractional co2, making it more wavy and it take
  15. 50% when it was all said and done. Pretty significant. The shallow scarring was very responsive and I feel more comfortable in my skin.