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  1. If you're wary of laser resurfacing then peel resurfacing is probably a consideration
  2. I'd have to see different pictures. Genius RF didn't leave me satisfied with my surface texture, I still need a resurfacing after 3 sessions. What it did do is lift deeper boxcar/rolling scars. If your scars are really shallow I'd proceed to a resurfacing and save the cost on genius/infini. If you drop the same amount of money on a medium depth physician assisted peel I think you'd have better luck. Take a look at your depth under harsh lighting. If it's decently noticeable then maybe a cou
  3. That's so shallow. If you're using flash on your camera it's distorting the depth but it's definitely minor scarring either way. I would consider a peel resurfacing, either DIY at home with low TCA or in office. I absolutely wouldn't do cross at home when your scarring is so minor to begin with, the risks don't outweigh the benefit. Maybe consider cross in office if those tiny scars are bothersome.
  4. How did you like the halo procedure? that's the only laser I might do as suggested by my surgeon. Is it decent at resurfacing? Thank you for sharing! I'm so happy to hear about successful outcomes.
  5. If it's only been two days you're still well under the wing of the professional who administered the procedure. I would give them a call with any questions as well because post treatment healing is part of their job. Hopefully someone who has had this procedure can give their take, but I would definitely still be in communication with the office.
  6. Thanks. I just want to reassure op that it takes time more than anything else. I know there can be anxious excitement right after treatment and results won't be there until months down the line My last treatment was in December so I'm going into the 6th month from the final session. I don't expect anymore progress from this set of treatments
  7. All I know is I looked wretched throughout the process because as soon as one visit's healing would progress I would be back for more. Whether or not I would have looked better 3 months after round 1 without tampering I will never know. That element of knowing how each individual session's progress 3 months post will always be an unknown. I'm 9 months out from round 1 today and my skin is improved from pre-RF. That's what I know. I had concerns about doing treatments every 6-8 weeks a
  8. I looked so much worse for the first couple months after Genius RF. It was difficult to say the least. My results didn't start until 3 months in and didn't "end" as in no more visible changes until 9 months after the first procedure. RF microneedling is a long haul procedure, it will never yield immediate results like other procedures. I never got subcision or fillers so that's not something I can speak on. You're counting on your body to do the work with RF, so don't stress, keep your diet
  9. No, just a couple weeks at most. Most of them were gone by the first week.
  10. I got those little whiteheads every single time I did Genius. By the third round I just left with clindamycin gel. After RF I looked really not good for weeks getting the skin back to normal. You don't start to see results until 3-4+ months out. So worth it though. I think your scarring will react well but be patient with yourself and with the process. Best wishes
  11. I've been treating my skin for 6 years and have seen about a 60% improvement. I've done diy tca peels, standard microneedling in office, and dermastamping at home. My largest sum of improvement came from 3 RF microneedling sessions, an esthetician assisted skincare routine, and an in office chemical peel in a year span. My overall health is improving. Having facial scarring inpacts my psychological health, my heart rate, my stress levels, my career. Having scars improved my spiritual
  12. Go see a professional at this point to rectify the situation. 35% should be done by a skilled professional. That's really the biggest downside of this forum, people putting highly potent tca all over their face. TCA cross and any tca full face peel more potent than 18% should not be done DIY.
  13. It's acne scarring. I went to a practitioner in Ohio that was one of the first in the country to use the infini device. They really couldn't say enough about the upgrade, the Genius device makes infini obsolete. I've been a member on this forum for 5 years. I haven't seen RF basklash until recently. I personally would not seek any other device than Genius. That's a huge preference for me. You do look worse after you get it. Takes a few weeks to get the benefits of the procedure. it's a lon