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  1. PROfessor

    skin after mino, on a goodish kind of day

    Nice.... ....toilet paper holder
  2. I probably need new glasses, cause those pics aren't even half as bad as your b!tching. You gotta be seeing something that isn't there. The mind can play cruel tricks.
  3. Should of vended the M&M's when she left and got two for one...
  4. PROfessor


  5. PROfessor


    From the album: Gallery

    Why are you reading this??? <----- Look @ the diagram
  6. Lose those horrid glasses and watch the six and eight reverse.
  7. PROfessor


    From the album: Gallery

  8. PROfessor

    30 & Acne

    From ClinDerm book. POSTADOLESCENT ACNE IN WOMEN. A low-grade, persistent acne is common in professional women. Closed comedones are the dominant lesions, with a few papulopustules. Premenstrual flare-ups are typical. Many of these patients passed through adolescence without acne. One author postulated that chronic stress leads to enhanced secretion of adrenal androgens, resulting in sebaceous hyperplasia and subsequent induction of comedones. A survey was taken of adult premenopausal women
  9. PROfessor

    Necromancer Goes to College

    Your employer would be proud
  10. PROfessor

    The Saga Continues...

    Do you have any type of strategized approach? e.g.: Teaching your dog to approach a girl, then you start a convo out of nowhere.
  11. PROfessor

    I will be

    Good luck, here's some help How Becoming A Doctor Works
  12. PROfessor

    Improvement Progression

    2 days??? That is aMaZiNg... David Blaine would be mystified.
  13. PROfessor


    Agreed! Second... I've seen this. Money is not happiness...
  14. Almost every planet actually... Why would "they" make a cure, acne is a profitable business. Pain & suffering in general is a highly profitable market. Just ask Pfizer...
  15. PROfessor

    Why do I bother?

    Venting is good. Who cares if anyone responds? Just put it out there. The lack of response doesn't mean we don't care. Sometimes people just don't know what to say. Don't take it personally. And I know that can be hard when you're already feeling shitty, but keep it in perspective. Does it even matter if anyone responds? Nah. People just don't have a response sometimes like Kitty said.
  16. Clean your nostrils thoroughly, boogers and all. Don't snort anything...
  17. PROfessor

    stupid traditions

    SOMEBODY'S getting a lump of coal for Christmas... I guess some office worker's feel the need to be festive around the holiday's (and yes 99% of the time it's women, the other 1% is that guy from accounting no one like...).
  18. Finally something to post...
  19. "Your a fucking ugly bitch! I wanna stab you to death, then play around your blood"
  20. PROfessor

    Goint to the DERM again

    Just be straight forward, i.e.: "listen doc..."
  21. 2nd post I remember seeing from you. You must be bored...
  22. I knew his mother or one of his parents was asian, but I honestly don't see any asian features in him its all in the eyes. his mother is thai/chinese/dutch his father is african american/chinese/native american. thats a fun mix. Tiger Woods is Cablinasian.