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    Culture shock, the fluctuation of life, design proxemics, environmental beauty, General chaos on a snowboard/surfboard. Music is my religion.

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  1. Thanks guys, As with most zits I still get, it turned into a whitehead...it MIGHT have been a little early to make attempts, but I think got all the gunk out when I popped it. Of course, now it's a large irritated red mark, but if it scabs over, I'm ok with this. I just hope I didn't act too soon..haha. I'm kind of desperate here. Wynne, the link you had was very helpful. i might be trying some of those tips later after work..I wish I had some Ibuprofen with me right now...we should have ice to
  2. Hi guys, I used to post here ages ago, but have since stopped due to my acne progressively getting better as I have aged. However, I have a situation. I don't really remember the last time I got an actual, horrible zit that made me think of the old days, but I just got one...big deal right? I know...one zit. Who cares... Ok, but the problem is i JUST started seeing this girl in another state. She has seen me once already, and my skin was clear...it just sucks...this thing is a beast, and I d
  3. the.ronin


    Watcha got?
  4. Accutane saved what what left of my social life. I used vinegar and a small amount of Bp around my mouth because it's the only place I really break out anymore.
  5. A lot of friends is overrated man. Trust me, you only need a few good ones, and you're set.
  6. Age: 20 Sex: Male School/College: Northern Arizona University (NAU) Acne status: Clear for the most part all the time. Mild acne around my mouth at most. Favorite thing about yourself: The fact that this season people know me because of my snowboarding skills. What would you change about yourself (other than acne): Gain some weight, land a freaking backside 3. Favorite movie: Chulksmack(snowboard vid ) Favorite book: Ender's game What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): Professi
  7. Try vinegar and the Reg man...it helps me if I ever breakout.
  8. My flaw would be the fact that I can't set down a clean backside 3 for the life of me on a snowboard.