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  1. Com´on.. Acne and skin greaseness goes up and down. Im 99,99% sure that you have taken fish oil, while your skin naturally was extra greasy.
  2. Ok, all you retarded indoctrinated American teens, listen up. Christ will not spank you and god will not turn your milk sour if you jerk off. If anyone is interested i can link to scientifical studies that PROVES THAT NOT EJACULATING FOR MORE THAN 7 DAYS FOR MEN INCREASES THE TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION BY 40%. Men only. Please turn your brain switch to "on". Sry, for the hostile tone, but people need to start to fucking think.
  3. Hmm.. Ville helst have den rent. Jeg fandt en økologisk ACV i min lokale Kvickly. Men prøv Føtex, de burde have Heidelberg Æble Cider Eddike, som er 6% Cool!!
  4. Hot water dries out the skin much more than cold water. So for general skin health i would suggest using cold water. And improving the skin in general often helps with acne..
  5. Nogen der ved hvilke butikker har ACV i DK? - prøvede den lokale store kvickly, men de havde det ikke..
  6. It´s a bit of a longshot, but you could have develop allergy to your washing powder (don´t know the correct word here). Try washing your bed sheets in some allergy-friendly stuff..
  7. Adding fat seems to be VERY important for absorbing all "the good stuff" in vegetables and fruits: http://online.wsj.com/article_email/SB1154...MjkxOTIyWj.html Im going to try with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and see how that goes.
  8. Super cool. I just bought me a blender and im already loving it!! I dont have any references for the following but a doctor claimed that if you "chew" you protein shake, the extra spit in your mouth will improve the digestion of the nutrients. I guess it´s the same with vegi/fruits shakes!! If someone knows more about this, let us know. (written while slamming a: mixed berries, apple and broccoli shake.)
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'll go and try to find some jojoba oil at a health food store tomorrow if nothing else works till then. I've got a question though: Should I apply it only on the dry regions or on the whole face? Cause the rest of my face is still oily and I wouldn't want to make it even worse... If you get the right technique, the skin wont be more greasy by using jojoba oil. And furthermore it will not clog the pores.. ! http://www.dermadoctor.com/pages/newsletter158.asp
  10. Be carefull when you shower. I only splash my face with cold water 3 times a week and use jojoba oil, every evening and sometimes in the mornings as well. When i used to have my head under the showerhead for a couple of minutes, it would dry out my skin like crazy. So my recommendation is to take short showers, avoid letting the face be under water for long and dont use to warm water.
  11. hey thanks for the replies. I tried mixing The Emu oil with my Neutrogena lotion and it went on very nicely... but unfortunately it clogged my pores... I was so dissapointed because I want to use this stuff so badly cause it really is an amazing moisturizer. maybe it was coincidence that I got a few zits the next morning?? I dont know, I might try it again. I have been putting it under my eyes though and even under my eyes I have been getting little red clogged pores... very odd. You dont k
  12. Hey Well. I guess so, but then again, it could be a coincidence. Gotta go to the doctor and get this s... tested. Before this "incident" i have eaten gluten and lactose free for 2 weeks, and things where looking fine. Im going to start this diet up again, which consist of stuff like: rice, potatoes, veggies, fruits and some fish (no shellfish).
  13. Hi I´ve been eating pretty much gluten-free for 2 weeks, and both my stool and face was in mince conditions. But then friday evening i ate a lot of pizza, which was followed up by a lot of white bread sunday evening. Tuesday morning my stool was not good and my skin is really dry and bad looking, --> will turn into acne by tomorrow. So, my question is, anyone knows how many days before you will see a reaction after you eat gluten, assuming you are intolerant to it. If you have simila
  14. Jojoba oil! I also decided to follow the "do nothing" regimen and realized that i have dry/flaky skin on my chin and nose. Actually is it more like both dry, flaky and oily if that makes sense. But i currently using jojoba oil, all over my face in the evening and in the morning if im not going anywhere. And it works great. Before if i took a black t-shirt and rubbed it against the dry areas in my face, it would be filled with white dry skin. But now there is almost nothing, it is so little th