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  1. I would highly recommend introducing benzoyl peroxide to your skin care routine. The benzoyl peroxide will dry up all the whiteheads and kill the acne bacteria. It’s honestly the only thing that’s worked to clear my skin. Hang in there
  2. I would recommend introducing differin very slowly into your routine. Starting with applying it every second night, to then using it nightly. Make sure you only apply a pea sized amount and spread it across your entire face. Follow up with a heavier moisturizer. Cerave has good ones. Your skin will peel, and be irritated at first, but the results will be so worth it. Hang in there also differin and retin A are great for anti-aging, and help fine lines and wrinkles, which is a bonus!
  3. I had the same thing happened! I would recommend stopping using ACV on the face completely. Allow your skin to heal, and use Vaseline over the burn.hope this helps
  4. I would recommend benzoyl peroxide! Honestly it is the only thing that helped my acne.
  5. This looks like a whitehead that hasn’t come to a head. You can either spot treat with some benzoyl peroxide or put a pimple patch on it. Cosrx has a good one. Just make sure not to pick, or pop it, and it should go away pretty soon
  6. Nope, the benzoyl peroxide would be absorbed in your skin. What I would worry more about is the constant rubbing of the mask on the pressure points - acne mechanica. I would make sure to include aha every other night to prevent any breakouts related to wearing a mask
  7. Yes, I eat chia seeds! They have not caused any breakouts in my skin. In fact, I think they help due to the omegas and from my own research chia seeds can improve acne.