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  1. st. ives apricot scrub - the one for all skin types. your face will feel like a babys ass after you use that.
  2. ive been off accutane for about 10 weeks, and im still loaded with redmarks.
  3. lol angel u can edit ur posts rather then making a next one.
  4. f*ckin hydroquin ULTRAQUIN bullsh*t. it did nothing for me but make my marks look bright as hell and my face look greasy as sh*t.
  5. u wanna know about my experience with TUMERIC....LOL. i'll tell u. last week i went and got tumeric, and lime juice. I put it on my face with my fingers. I then washed my hands and was like "FUCK" why the hell are my finger tips yellow and it wasnt coming off. So then i let it on my face for like 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes i was scared shitless that i would be all yellow. I quickly went and washed my face with water, and i was still yellow. I then had to pull out a tea tree oil facial
  6. i think its just me but i tried HYDROQUIN, and when i used it i got those tiny little bumps where i applied it. Like there not active zits, just bumps and when i stopped using, they went away.
  7. be forewarned.... Tumeric Powder will make ur skin really freaking yellow. Even after u wash it off, you will still have a yellow/orange glow to ur face. So use it when your not going out or something.
  8. i got this from some site, wondered if people think these might work or had any experiences. 1. This is an excellent remedy to get rid of those ugly acne scars. Blend the sandalwood paste and rose water and apply on the scars. Keep it overnight and then wash it off with cold water the next day. This does wonders to your skin! 2. Lemons also have exfoliating properties: rub half a lemon on your face with a hint of sugar granules to remove dead cells and lighten a tan. You can also rub on hyper-
  9. i have had a nosebleed problem since i was the age of 2. I'll be reading a magazine and my nose will just start dripping. However, someone could punch my nose and shit all will come out. People used to think i snorted Coke because my nose bleeds wouldn't stop. I used to get tremendous bleeds at beaches. There is shit you can get from your doctor to prevent them. Nose bleeds are not the end of the world. My friend and I laugh over them now. My mother had the same problem when she was a teenager,
  10. i dont wanna use the lime topically. I wanna mix it with my drinking water. So while the lemon works externally, the lemon is doing its shit from the inside out. speeding the whole process.
  11. ahhhhhhh why are people asking me questions.....im in need of freaking answers. Lemon Juice at night?! I DON'T think that would work out so good because i think its alot easier to rub off on your pillow since it doesnt really completly absorb. Second, it will make ur face a bit sticky....so you might wake up with a bunch of fluff and dust pieces stuck to ur face. Just use it in the day.
  12. make sure your face is clean first of all....no BP or other bullshit on it. i cut the lemon in half. I then take the seeds out from the center with a knife. I then poke holes in the lemon where the seeds were and around that, so it gets juicy. I then stand beside a mirror and rub it all over my face. BE AWARE.....it will sting like a BEOTCH for the first 2 minutes. Especially if you have any little cuts. Then it will be okay. Dont pat your face dry or anything. Let it absorb in by itself.
  13. Hi guys, I have a quick question for anyone who has any experiences or knowledge on what im about to ask in this post. I am currently using Fresh Lemon topically on my face to help with my redmarks. I love the results im getting. I do believe it has helped a tiny bit to decrease the redness and it leaves my face feeling incredibly smooth after each use. I usually keep the lemon on for about 6 to 7 hours. Then rinse it off with just cold water. I've been reading some good things about how Lime