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  1. So I'm giving an update for those who are interested still (particularly lu lu belle since she asked in another of my threads ) Omg I've just had the best 4 days of my life. I love him so much. I'm just so so sad that he's gone now though. My heart hurts. I'm going to go to houston and stay with him for a while, in about 10 days or so. Its been a year and a half and I just cant be away from him anymore! In the mean time, I'm going to keep wearing his t-shirt that he left for me and make plans
  2. haha its perfectly fine! Any skin advice is always fine
  3. Thats why you have to be very careful where you buy it. and make sure its refined and pure, or even triple refined. Emu oil should be white-ish/clear, relatively thin, very smooth oil. Never yellow or creamy, never grainy, and should never smell. It may have a slight "waxy" odor, but whatever you want to call the smell, it must be very subtle.
  4. You have to order it, its not sold in stores, unfortunately. I think some stores claim they have things with emu oil in it, but I dont believe you'll ever find 100% Pure Refined emu oil anywhere but online. And youre very welcome! I also forgot to mention the most importaqnt part of my skincare routine!! I dont know how I forgot. In the morning, before I wash my face, I soak my face with whole milk (with a little water added) for about 20-30 mins (thats cus my face is so inflamed in the morning
  5. Absolutely think you should use sort of oil, especially during and post-accutane. It absorbs so much faster and better than any moisturizer. Also its not foreign to your skin, youre skin wont work so hard over producing its own oil that will cause you problems. Unlike your own oil, however, its non comedeogenic and wont get trapped in your pores. Youre putting it on from the outside, not inside out. I am speaking of emu oil mostly, although quite a few people love jojoba oil for the same reasons
  6. Oh and Thinderella- Are you not wearing make up in that picture? Because your skin looks totally fine!!! You look great, honestly, dont worry! I cant tell you ever had a prob with acne.
  7. Oh my goodness you all are so incredibly nice!!!!! Thank you for all the encouragement! I guess when I meet him at the airport tonight, I'll do without the foundation. haha, yikes! He's gonna see that eventually, so why not lol. Man, you all gave me a little boost of confidence! I'm gonna go through and answer the question some people asked now- HeatherinFL- My skincare routine is- Wash my face with Eucerine Redness Relief, with cold water, once a day (cannot tolerate even tepid water). My sk
  8. Yes so I've been here alot lately, lol. I really, truly, despise makeup, but for many years I was dependant. Felt so ugly without it and so on. Thanks to accutane I'm totally clear now. My face doesnt even flush that much, thanks to emu oil. My cheeks are always kinda rosey, but I actually like that. Sometimes I feel that makeup makes my skin/scars look worse!! My mother is always saying I look better without makeup, and I just write that off as her being mom, and well crazy. ha. Tomorrow my
  9. Ok so I HATE trying to find make up. Ive wasted so much money on make up that I end up throwing away. I've found my foundation (L'Oreal True Match, soft ivory. Although I'm not completely thrilled with it, its good enough), and it's taken me forever to find a powder to go over it. Powder is quite drying for me, even over moisturizer and foundation, but I need it to help even out my skin. I have no oil, thank heavens. (tane) I do not like pressed powder. This is the first loose powder I've ever
  10. Lu lu belle- No i haven't tried cleansing oil. I have to be very careful with what i put on my face because its so sensitive, Im very prone to getting a reaction. I cant use anything with mineral oil, jojoba oil, etc. fancyyxamy- I've used dove sensitive skin beauty bar and it was so drying for me. But i've never tried the cleansing cloths, I will have to look into them. They sound like a good idea, and I'm thinking they'd be more ph balanced than the bar, so hopefully not as drying. I've be
  11. I'm about 3 or so months post accutane, and my face is very dry. Also extremely sensitive and reactive/flushes. There are pros and cons to both methods, for me, it seems. I hate tugging at my skin when it comes to wipe offs, but they're not as drying as washing with a cleanser (I can only wash my face once a day too, btw). However if I use a cleanser to get my make up off, there's no tugging at my skin, but its quite drying. And whatever cleanser thats strong enough to get make up off, is usuall
  12. Hi there :) Since its so late and I have to wake up in a few hours, I cant give my normal reply right now. But tomorrow (later today actually, lol) I will message you and answer your questions :)

  13. Hey there! I'm on Accutane right now and was wondering what dosage/how long you were on it? Also, I saw that you have sensitive, flush-y skin. I have Rosacea, so I can definitely relate. Do you do anything to maintain it?

  14. Ironman was the best flick I've seen all year! Awesome!