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  1. Thanks KingJay, I'll look into buying the Nucelle Mandelic Acid.
  2. Does anyone know which mandelic acid product would be best for large pores and blackheads? I'm thinking of getting either M2 (formerly Mama Lotion) 10% mandelic and 10% malic acid or Nucelle's 15% Mandelic Acid Serrum. Any one better than the other? Also, any good sites online to order from where the cost is less expensive?
  3. Hi everyone, does anyone know any good supplements to prevent the sebum from hardening and oxidizing and causing blackheads? I've been taking Vitamin A supplements and Omega 3's along with topicals like Retin A at night, but the sebum still hardens and still causes blackheads. Any supplement suggestions that actually work? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know why Finacea (15% azelaic acid gel) and Azelex (20% azelaic acid cream) are not available in Canada? If I want it, I have to get a Rx, then go to a compounding pharmacy to get it made and who knows how much they will charge.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Does anyone know where I can find Azelaic acid? It's known as Finacea in the U.S. and I think another name for it is Azelex. My doc gave me a prescription for it, but he wasn't sure if it was sold in Ontario. I checked a few pharmacies and they don't have it.
  6. Hi there, does anyone know or recommend any plastic surgeons or dermatologists in Toronto that do excisions, punch excisions and punch grafts?
  7. V-beam laser would probably be a very effective laser for the red marks...it works great on blood vessels. As well, you could look into IPL (intense pulsed light) too.
  8. Fraxel on your back would be very expensive, since the back covers such a large area. Did the Medical spa mention anything about IPL or smoothbeam laser?
  9. Hi Ruby, did the photofacials make your pores smaller, or did you see any improvement on any ice pick scars you may have had?
  10. To get rid of the redness, ask your derm or doctor about V-beam laser, it should work.
  11. I went to several derms asking them the same question. They usually recommend topical retinoids such as Vitamin A cream, Retin-A, or Differin to help keep the pores from developing blackheads and so that the pores will get back to a normal size. If you have the money, you could also try laser treatments like Laser Genesis or IPL. The best thing is to see a dermatologist and see what he/she says.
  12. *29 there are lots of Derms and Surgeons in Toronto who are very good. You should see a dermatologist first and see what he/she recommends. Here are a few places you can check out..some u have to pay for an inital consultation, so try to get your family doctor's referral. Hope this helps. http://www.unlockyourbeauty.com Dr. Schachter http://www.spamedica.com Dr. Davis http://www.cosmedixmd.com Dr. Goldhar and Dr. Jamal http://www.dlkonavenue.com Dr. Lisa Kellett http://www.fairviewcosmeticsu
  13. VETY IMPORTANT...I think you should read this article before you agree to have any procedures done with Dr. Sheldon Pollack. He was sued for injecting a banned substance into the faces of his patients when doing cosmetic procedures. Here is the article http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...45189562344_86/
  14. Yes, I once e-mailed Dr. Seckel on his website and he also recommended laser genesis because it's a Non-Ablative laser; however, if you go to different clinics they will usually recommend IPL over Laser Genesis because for the same amount of money they say that IPL is more effective and better for redness. That's what one place told me.
  15. Yes, sulfur is great for inflammation. Try the Refining Mask with 6% sulfur from Proactiv. It works really good if your skin is is red and irritated. It also works great as a spot treatment for individual pimples.