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  1. Yeah, unfortunately cod liver oil doesn't do much for me.... What aside from this diet have you done in efforts to clear your skin?
  2. Yeah, my family and basically all my peers were extremely concerned and I was definitely in a funk of depression unlike anything i've ever experienced. I've actually never heard of telogen effluvium, but thats interesting. My hair is naturally very thick, so the thinning/loss isn't noticeable, just some shedding when i would pull at my head/shower. It was also extremely dry, like hay or wire or something. it was bad. Its been about 6 months since i stopped the low carb paleo diet, and my hair is
  3. I fully agree. I'm a 21 year old guy and going low-carb paleo was the worst thing I ever did for my health. I was eating strictly organic grass fed meats, chicken etc and non starchy vegetables. I kept this up for about two months. Developed thinning hair, erectile dysfunction, extremely low energy, terrible constipation, the list goes on and on. You need carbs for so many things. After these two months, I started eating carbs again and am now recovered from all the damage the low carb diet did
  4. Majority of food sensitivities are caused by leaky gut, have you looked into colostrum supplementation? It's great for repairing the intestinal terrain
  5. Hi, I have noticed a definite connection between high-histamine foods and acne in myself. I was downing apple cider vinegar, kefir etc and i was so broken out. lol. Good observation. I do have a word of advice I have against "high fat low-carb diets", however. When I first got acne, everything I read online led me to believe leaky gut was causing all my issues. I immediately adopted the typical paleo/candida high fat low carb diet and it messed me up very badly. I developed severe hypothyroi
  6. Histamine intolerance is an issue with me for acne. Fermented foods (kefir, vinegar, etc) invariably break me out.
  7. ITs not necessarily something that can come up on a test. Try some liver flushing and colon cleansing and see what happens It's not necessarily something that will show up on a test. Do some colon cleansing and liver flushing and see what happens. I'm not here to argue, just to help other people who are suffering