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  1. Most past posts about this stuff said it broke out almost everyone who used it. It sounds very thick and greasy and is meant for spider vains and the like is it not?

    Give it a try and see. If it says it is for blotchy/red skin specifically then it might not be that bad. After all one product could break 99 people out but work wonders for 1 person. Patch test little bit behind ear or on jaw overnight and if you break out don't use it, if not go for it.

    They have different kinds. The make one for spider veins, one for under eye circles and the one I have for blotchy skin/ red marks.

    This is what I have link

  2. I picked up Vita-K for blotchy skin / red marks yesterday

    The stuff is kinda thick and I'm a bit worried it's gonna break me out like crazy

    but I will try anything to get rid of these red marks all over my face

    Has anyone had success using this product? Has it broke anyone out?

  3. OK, I just read a review on Makeupalley about the Neotrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with SPF 15. A use posted this interesting tidbit in her review:

    Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with Alpha Hydroxy and SPF 15: This product contains Oxybenzone. Here is an article about that ingredient I found on the internet: Sun screens - cancer in a bottle? The dangers of PABA / Oxybenzone The British Medical Journal recently showed that sunbathers using some suntan lotions have a higher risk of developing malignant Skin Cancer, and a possible link with Oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is the Chemical used in many sun products with high Sun Protection Factors. Oxybenzone’s function is to ‘filter’ ultra violet light on the surface of the skin, converting it from light to heat, but it can also be absorbed through the skin. As yet we have not seen any research to indicate what happens when the oxybenzone is absorbed through the skin, but UV light causing cell damage is well known and readers may choose to avoid this form of sun protection. If light is converted to heat in the basal layers of the skin, damage to growing cells is very likely. Environmental + Health News May 98 reports that scientists at the Memorial Sloan Cancer centre N.Y., U.S.A. and the U.S Government Brookhaven Laboratory have found that sunscreens protected against sunburn and cancers like Carcinoma, but not against Melanoma which has increased twenty fold in Europe and U.S.A. since 1935. Environmental + Health News also reports that Oxford University scientist John Knowland shows that PABA* seemed to damage DNA, thus increasing the risk of skin cancer. He recommends using non-PABA products. *Para-amino-benzoic acid is very common and works by absorbing UV rays in much the same way as oxybenzone. One of the oldest tried and tested methods is to use tin oxide as a ‘reflecting’ coating to the skin. Tin oxide is widely used in wound dressings and considered safe, Applied as a cream it is visible in daylight. Although ‘safe’ it should be avoided by people with dry skin conditions as it has a drying action. Many people will remember Calamine Lotion as both a sun protection and a soothing after sun. It is based on Zinc Oxide, is pink, visible in daylight and is easily washed off in water. It is likely that this, and other "reflective" sunscreens will, in the long run turn out to be much safer than "absorbing" lotions containing PABA and/or oxybenzone or benzophenone. If you are in doubt about the safety of your sunscreen, email us, or simply use reflective sunscreens rather than "converting" ones.


    Any inputs?

    Is this like the whole lead in lipstick thing? Because I find it hard to believe anything like this anymore really.

  4. I don't know if you are near any korean or japanese grocery stores/beauty stores, but they sell oil blotting papers. I get them at the japanese store for about $1 for a packet of 100 sheets. If you buy oil blotting papers from major cosmetic companies like shisedo, you can pay around $10 for like 50 sheets.

    believe it or not, rolling papers (for cigs) work pretty well and they are the same price as the ones at the japanese store. However at the japanese store you have a choice of regular oil blotting paper or powdered covered paper (maybe $1 more than the previous paper and works a bit better)

  5. Ok so stupidly I asked my mother to pick some things up for me while she was out today.

    I told her to get cetaphil face moisturizer and she brings me back the cream...

    My proactiv is drying my skin out like mad lately and the bp makes my face burn.

    So after I did my usual proactiv my face was itching and I had to put the cream on my face.

    It Made my face look so oily. Anyways I think I'm starting to break out from it already!

    It's this crap or the Vita-K I put allover my red marks.

    Has the Cetaphil cream broke anyone out?

  6. Baking Soda

    I keep a big jar full in my bathroom

    I always wet my tooth brush and pour some on before I add toothpaste

    Also makes a great body scrub


    I now put it almost everywhere after watching Tyra one night

    Fresh Lemons

    I used to use a fresh lemon squeezed with a cotton ball every night

    as a toner. It really evens out your skin tone and can help fade red marks

    IF you can stand the stinging and stickiness of it


    To lighten dark circles under your eyes

    wrap a grated raw potato in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids for about 20 minutes

    All I can think of at the moment...

  7. This spring i want to be tan , hate being very light and iam wondering since i would use those creams that changes color of the skin as much as you use it , but is there anything that is safe to use for the face ? dont want my body to be perfectly tanish and my face is like white :redface:

    I was wondering the same thing

    I wanna go to one of the spray booths this year

    but I'm scared it will make me break out like mad

  8. since stopping the reg (because of headaches and my body just doesnt like it), been getting some whiteheads around my mouth and chin..its been pretty bad. but today, woke up, and i cant even open my mouth without bad pain! there's at least 150 whiteheads from the bottom of my nose and down. its like every 3 pores, there is one. lips are swelled from all the ones around my mouth (not allergy to anything). idk what do to. it was nowhere near this bad before the reg. maybe it damaged my skin? can someone help, anyone been through this??