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Picture Comments posted by freakNpink

  1. On 8/17/2017 at 0:30 AM, azhotmom said:

    You look amazing! 

    Thank you so much!
    On 8/18/2017 at 0:32 PM, Feelishia said:

    Agreed, you look great :) 

    How long did it take for your all side effects to subside after your course ended?

    It was about 4 months after that I started to feel like myself again. I've since suffered no lasting side effects.
    On 8/26/2017 at 0:47 AM, Ashton McHale said:

    You look great! I am very happy for you in that you are clear.

    Thank you! ^_^
  2. Your acne does not look bad at all! I'm sure the DKR will clear you up nicely.

    Question, does that lip piercing irritate your lip?

    Thanks this was a better week. Breaking out like crazy now since stopping Proactiv and starting DKR. My lip ring does not irritate my lip..I hardly notice it's there actually. My lips are just chapped in this pic.

  3. Well I talked to three normal doctors about staph possibly causing this and they all leaned more to no.

    They didn't seem too sure tho which bothers me. I think that it was the main factor in my flair up tho.

    I have posted about this on boards all over the place and can't seem to find anything. Soon after I finished taking months of antibiotics my skin started to improve but I'm left with all the scars and post-acne red marks now.

    I really wish I could of seen a derm but financially that is not a option for me till this coming year at least.

    Thanks :( I know staph infections can be horrid. I had a friend who almost lost his life due to it.

  4. Awww, sorry about how things are turning out. Maybe if you tell us exactly what you are using, how much, what brand, how often...maybe one of us will help you figure out what your problem might be. There are lots of helpful people on this board.

    I have been switching around a lot lately since my fast has gotten so bad.

    I have been using Biore Pore Perfect Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser which has 2% salicylic acid

    and using ACV again hoping it will work again like it used to.

    I pretty much cut everything else out trying to figure out what has caused this.

    I also use baking soda and water as a gentle scrub when needed.

    I wash my face twice a day along with using the ACV.

    Aww, I'm sorry sweetie... I was on the regimen for a few months.. and it made me break out to my worst, and actually caused me to scar also.... I couldn't take it anymore... I was breaking out with like 10 new spots a day! seriously.... so, I stopped....

    How long have you been on the regimen?? maybe it's just not for you...... and I've heard, that the regimen works best on raised pimples, not scabs and such....

    I hope you find something that works for you... (:

    I was on the regimen months ago for about 3 months and only the bp seemed to make a difference then it stopped working altogether and the bp made my red marks 10 times wost so i stopped that too.

    So sorry to hear that <33

    The same thing is happening to me right now. It sucks!!

    I hope it gets better for you !!

    Love your lip ring btw :|

    aww thxs love you are amazingly gorgeous btw love your eyes

    Question for the girl in the picture:

    Why always the same pose with your lips puckered and sticking out? I know it's besides the point, I'm just curious.

    lol no ideal really

    I have done that since I can remember

    It's subconsiously

    Ok this might sound incredibly weird/dodgy! I had a mate with a lip ring and a few weeks later his skin broke out and looked a lot like urs now, someone suggested he took it out and within a month his skin was tonnes better! Still not sure if it was related or just a coincidence! Couldnt hurt to help even though it looks rad on u and gives u attitude!

    Keep ur progress posted, best of luck!x

    That is crazy I have never heard anything like that

    That could be possible however I have had the lip ring almost 2 years now

    if that was the problem I would have a hard time living w/o it lol

    Can you let us know what you're using and exactly how you're using it?

    Also, I'm wondering how long you have had acne and if you could give us a short history. When did it start, when did it start getting worse, etc. I am doing a lot of reading lately and may have some insights.

    I have had acne since I was 13 years old and I am goning to be 20 in a few months.

    It has only gotten worst each year but I did have some good days.

    Never completely clear tho.

    This year my back, neck everywhere I never had acne started breaking out too.

    The last 4 months my face has gotten worst then it has ever been.

    I have tried just about everything and anything that makes a difference seems to stop working altogether after

    a few months. I have eliminated almost all my products to see if I could find what was causing this with no luck at all.

    I am now using just Biore Pore Perfect Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser and ACV in hoping it will help with the read marks. I have also stopped using moisturizers and wearing makeup.

    Question for the girl in the picture:

    Why always the same pose with your lips puckered and sticking out? I know it's besides the point, I'm just curious.

    The Angelina Jolie big lip pose is in when you got gigantic lips. I wonder if a African baby comes along with it? :dance:


  5. fucking hell thats an awesome lip ring, i have mine done twice on either side but, seriously, fuck me thats one big ass piercing. Im impressed! It looks cool :|

    Thanks :dance: I wanted it to be noticeable and I tried the smaller ones at first they would not lay on my lip right.