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  1. I haven't posted in years and a lot happend. A year ago I made one of the best decisions of my life when I finally after 17 years of trying everything with no lasting results I went back to a derm and was immediately started on my Zenatane Journey. I cleared up almost completely in 2 months and only did a 5 months cycle...I did have side effects my body constantly hurting all over to the bone was the worst for me, nosebleeds, being in a permanent state of full rage bitch mode most of the time a
  2. 5/16 I got in touch with a place near me that does the photodynamic therapy. It's a different place then the derm wanted me to go to..since that place was too hard to get a hold of and when I finally did reach them they told me they didn't usually use the PDT for acne there...wtf Anyway...I go on the 10th of June for my free consultation and then to set up my first session with Blu-U....it's at this laser skin care clinic..I gotta say I'm feeling pretty nervous about the amount of money I may
  3. 5/15 Saw a derm for the first time on Friday the 13th He introduced himself, looked at me and said accutane I thought I could afford to go on tane..thinking it was in the 300.00 month range he said it was more like 600 and no way I can come up with that...so...plan b He told me to use the cetaphil antibacterial bar.... Gave me Doxy for a few months Gave me like a hundred samples of clindamycin gel (would never have paid 200 bucks for the script) Referred me to another doctor for photodynamic t
  4. A few weeks ago I some how got in a conversation with a co-worker that had me explaining that I had acne..(no shit)..they asked me what happened to my face ..I then felt angry and embarrassed...they then asked me if I WASHED MY FACE..are you fucking kidding me...really just wanted to punch them. So I guess people I work with just assume I smear grease on my face before I go to bed at night and never wash it off...WTF. One thing ive gotten out of having acne - I will never be that fucking
  5. 5/9 Keflex 500mg x4 daily did jack... if anything I think my face has gotten worse I go to the derm this Friday..please don't let this be another disappointment I really don't think I can handle much more of this I'm now scared to eat at work due to a major cyst on my jaw that wont heal.. I'm seriously the only person at my work that has acne. A few weeks ago I some how got in a conversation with a co-worker that had me explaining that I had acne...they asked me what happened to my face .
  6. freakNpink

    cheap seems to be working This will make your birth control not work! Talk to your doctor about it..most antibiotic do that, yet they almost never tell you that. smell taking it 4 x daily clearing up after 3 days will update in a month
  7. I agree w/ that I think your overdoing it and making it worse Good advice to take..I had mild acne..went on proactiv for a year = cystic acne Id kill to have what I thought was bad then now I got pics if you wanna see what happened..
  8. I found this out the hard way as it made me puke when I took 40-50. Also if you take too much Zinc you can become low in copper. both zinc and copper need each other in order to be properly absorbed Taken from http://www.healthyawareness.com/articles/a...and-copper.aspx
  9. I did 10G daily for 2 months...oil production decreased a lot, but I got very sick. Don't recommended doing this to your body. I have a log here Good luck & listen to your body http://www.acne.org/messageboard/changing-...24#entry3020924
  10. I know aloe Vera gel is effective applied to skin, but has anyone tried it in the pills or juice that you drink and had any good results? Thanks
  11. 4/10 I have a shit load of red marks.. trying to find some options for fading them more quickly w/o pissing my face off and causing a breakout
  12. This is interesting..please keep us updated Id do about anything to get rid of the deep scar on my cheek Gonna follow this thread
  13. fluorescent..basically I look most shitty while at work..great haha
  14. 4/8 -Day 8 I left the honey on for hours yesterday and wow I seriously have no active acne on my face today..just red-marks..a shit load of em, but I'm excited!
  15. freakNpink

    Non irritating, Natural, Anti inflammatory, Anti bacterial Messy, packaging I have never, NEVER had results like this so quickly using anything and I have used about everything. I wash my face w/ a mild cleanser and then apply a layer of honey (Get raw, organic, unfiltered honey and not the crap in the honey bear.etc) as a mask...I leave it on for as long as I want and then rinse off. Redness and Inflammation is instantly reduced Give this a try!