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    Music:<br />Tupac Shakur<br />Three 6 Mafia<br />T.I.<br />Pimp C and Bun B(UGK)<br />Ice Cube<br />Z-RO<br /><br />Movies:<br />Menace II Society<br />Boyz N Da Hood<br />Friday 1, 2, 3<br />Scary Movie 1, 2, 3, 4<br />Dont be a menace 2 south central while drinkin your juice in da hood
  1. i was really gonna do it till i was told i would probably go to hell if i did it, but if i died alot of my homies would be pissed and sad, if i die i wanna be buried wearin girbauds and a white tee wit some forces on
  2. i got kicked out of one skool, i might drop out, dunno yet
  3. I have OCD, ADHD, Bipolar, anger problems(dont know what the term is) Bipolar is like mood swings, sometimes i feel great, then i wanna murder people( i dont take medicine for it)
  4. dont none of yall penetrate pussy like i do
  5. no girl is just gonna let u bang them for no reason, unless your like me...a pimp.
  6. my derm is in his 70's, has a perm, is white, never hardly talks, carries a magnifom glass around in his pockets, never looks at my face
  7. your abs/ribs look fucked, and your acne isnt that bad
  8. i used a moisturizer and the flakiness went away for me, i used cetaphil
  9. im experiencing the same problem, but im gonna keep using it, u should too
  10. im on retin a-micro for my back, i have moderate to severe back acne, has it worked for anyone elses back?
  11. 7th grade was hell, thats the grade when i got locked up 4 months over some bullshit
  12. fuck skool im droppin out in a few months, too much shit happens at my skool