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  1. Hey, all. Sorry, for some reason I thought I would get an email notification if someone responded to this. Having a post ignored would not exactly be unprecedented in my internet forum experience. I don't know. I will admit, sometimes I do worry about not being able to find a relationship, but it's more that--the possibility of ever finding one, rather than just not having one currently. In that way, I guess what I'm talking about (in retrospect) is not necessarily being APPROACHED by men,
  2. This is a longish post, but I want to explain where I'm coming from on a personal level. Like always, reading through the forums has made me feel a lot better about the current breakout of cystic acne along my jawline (oh you tricksy hormones!). But it also got me wondering. This is more of an academic question than a self-pitying one, and I’m asking only women for two reasons. One, men primarily approach, while women are approached (not always, but old traditions die hard). Two, I think
  3. I usually feel much better about my face after reading the forum, actually. I wish I had known about this place back when I was in high school and on Accutane. I didn't know anybody else with the kind of acne I and my brother had. Everyone says that adolescence is a time of acne, but few-to-none of my peers had it. My face was something I tried (unsuccessfully) to hide and disguise. Being in a place, even if online, where acne is a common factor and can be discussed openly rather than concealed
  4. In a perfect world, this would be nice. However, OP has explained that she can't be seen without a bandana on, so I'm inclined to say that she lacks the ability to "fake" self-esteem. I'm sure there are many strong-minded individuals who have the power to do what you are suggesting, but it is certainly not commonly doable. My concern for OP would be that she take your advice and attempt this while away at this Christmas gathering, but after a couple days of trying to "fake it," she has a complet
  5. I think you would be making a big mistake to say no because of your acne--that is, of course, if you think your boyfriend is a good person. If you think he's the kind of jerk who will break up with you or be ashamed of you because of your skin, you shouldn't be with him, anyway, and the sooner you find out, the better. A lot of people advise discussing the matter with him, but honestly, I think it can be a mistake to expose your lack of confidence. There's some truth to the notion that a pe
  6. You're very welcome. It's easier said than done for sure, but you know you're not unhygienic. In the end, you'll come out of it a lot stronger and more compassionate than anyone who made you feel bad.
  7. I can completely relate. I'm much older than you now, but I got my first pimple at age 10. And believe me, from there they only multiplied. It was absolutely ghastly. When puberty hits that early (which happens a lot now, supposedly due to all the added hormones in food), it can be devastating because you're not psychologically prepared to handle it. I was used to being a thin, blond girl with smooth, fair skin. Boys "liked" me. At 10, my hair turned brown and greasy, I put on all kinds of weigh
  8. I probably shouldn't resurrect this thread. For one thing, it's kind of a bummer. And I won't go into all the various ways people have hurt my feelings since I started breaking out as a freaking CHILD. Ahem. But I have really good, kinda funny one. It's a twist on the age-old, CHOCLATE=ACNE cliche. I was probably about 12, 13 at the time, and after breaking out for years, I was starting to get cystic acne. I had a big one on my forehead that finally ruptured and left behind this huge, comple
  9. Hey, everybody. I thought this would be a good thread in which to introduce myself. Well, my latest inflammation is slowly dying down, the pigmentation is starting to fade due to liberal applications of petroleum jelly, and today I'm feeling pretty good about my face. To be honest, I wish I felt so good about other "flaws" as I'm feeling about my acne right now. Although, on the other hand . . . It is frustrating. At 27, having started breaking out at age 10, I'm feeling a bit like Dann