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  1. plus the long term effects like a need for regular botox injections / an increased proclivity in homosexuality just makes plastic surgery pointless
  2. well, this may not be true, but probably is... freud was a flamer /
  3. I get it a lot when i exercise, i probably need to moisturize or something
  4. Do a Google Search for "Acne" Then, click on the menu item "Images"
  5. For body acne, on the back of Neutrogena Body Clear Body wash, it says to use a shower puff....i think thats what youre talking about. just dont scrub too hard....it will just aggravate it.
  6. I have some purple marks on my arms from where some zits used to be. i didn't pop them, pick at them, etc. Question is, do these things fade after a while? They are level with the surface, and they arent too big, and seem to be fading....how long will it take? (I used 2% sa wash on my arms)
  7. well, it feels like F***ing poison ivy after like ten pushups and just gets worse
  8. dont worry too much about the whacking off. i tink it reduces stress more than anything as for baseball, what position do you play? keep us posted man, seems to be w3rking out well for you
  9. On my Mino prescription it says 1 hour either way I'm also on differin / mino / bp (although i havent done bp in a while) Like you, i also have to deal with red marks....luckily, i dont have major scarring except for a few little icepicks on my left cheek but i noticed on differin an immediate improvement, and im only on my second week
  10. the clean and clear 2% SA rules. check this out http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=11566
  11. Field of Dreams Identity Tommy Vercetti in Vice City Ray liotta rools
  12. I use a SA wash (Blackhead Clearing SCrub) rinse, wait about ten to 15 minutes, then put on BP, works fine for me
  13. too bad call of duty is the coolest game ever made ({|=