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Picture Comments posted by jonaaar

  1. Thank you very much KAmanda!!

    Yeah I think so too. I never intended to go on accutane, always tried to stay the holistical way, but Accutane really saved me as well, although I will still maintain some of the good benefits by going holistic after my course ends, so that I might prevent it in the future

  2. Thank u very much Garrettryan!! I'm also looking forward to see even more progress, Hopefully!

    My left side Is pretty much "clear", except the surface looks very scarred, or it is not completely flat yet, but the bumpiness is a minor thing! Except, I do have a cyst next to my ear which has been there for like almost 2 months now, but all my other cyst are kind of gone.

    The most annoying part is the redness, and I've read it takes months to years for that to fade away, and the bigger the difference between my skin color and the hyperpigmentation, the longer it will take to fade away :(

  3. Thank you very much DeLovely!,

    You know, I can only thank my family and friend's support for my attidude. When I was suddenly beginning to develop severe acne, Only strangers cared, or looked at me, and that was enough for me to withdraw from social events etc. My family and friends have helped me a lot, saying It doesn't matter, we don't care. Fortunately, my classmates also never really cared, I think it's just my mind that is so embarresed that I think that they care. Only a few have looked at me, many of them never look at me like I thought they would.

    Also, recently when I saw a documentary about pakistani women who had been victims of acid attacks, I just didn't realize that my problem is only temporary and some people out there are struggling way more than me and therefore I have come to the conclusion that it's a waste of time being concerned about it.

  4. Thanks, that's really heartwarming to hear. I hope it does good for you too!

    Btw I would die for you skin, I hardly noticed any acne lol but seriously.

    And yeah I know, I was just the unlucky one i guess haha. My siblings though, they have perfect clear baby skin so it's annoying that I'm the only one dealing with this, and so severe