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  1. It's been 5 years since I took accutane / isotretinoin, and have since been battling/accepting my quite severe acne scars. Ideally next winter I probably would like some professional help, e.g. laser treatment. Last time I went to the dermatologist (July 2019) the doctor advised me to take isotetinoin again because of some spots here and there. But I'm not going to take that drug again (or at least I really don't want to) so I am trying to improve my scars at home. I just ordered the banish starter kit, and right now use the ordinary AHA 30% peel mask which really helps with my skin texture.

    I'd like to know some of your experiences dealing with acne (rolling) scars at home, what has helped? (Also I took a few different photos with different lighting. As we all now lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to the appearance of scars. the second photo shows the scars more realistically than the one with direct sunlight on my face :))



  2. I think it's either post-inflammatory hypgerpigmentation or post-inflammatory erythima. If they are more red/pinkish they're more likely to be post-inflammatory erythima, which there is not much knowledge about on the internet unfortunately. However, they will over time dissapear, ranging from months to years. I'm also suffering with red marks all over my cheeks, and they have over a period of 6 months decreased in color, however they're still very visible. If you still struggle with these marks for a LONG time, laser treatment is an option to make them dissapear. (based om my research, not a dermatologist!)

    As for holistic approach, I've heard eating a lot of vitamin C is good for the skin, as well as putting it ont your skin, as well as putting lemon on the red marks.