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  1. It's been 5 years since I took accutane / isotretinoin, and have since been battling/accepting my quite severe acne scars. Ideally next winter I probably would like some professional help, e.g. laser treatment. Last time I went to the dermatologist (July 2019) the doctor advised me to take isotetinoin again because of some spots here and there. But I'm not going to take that drug again (or at least I really don't want to) so I am trying to improve my scars at home. I just ordered the banish star
  2. jonaaar

    Accutane journey

    So I uploaded an album of my Acne on the day where I started Accutane back in November. Those images had not the best lighting and therefore the severity of my acne could not be seen. This album has pictures from Before, during and my current state of acne.
  3. From the album: Accutane journey

    I chose a picture 3-4 weeks into my treatment bc the pictures before that did not show the redness of my face when it was worst. Hower, the right picture shows my face where it was relative much better compared to before my treatment This is probably one of my last pictures, before i get some laser treatments of before my redness is almost fully gone. I really appreciate the comments some of you have left though the last couple of months. I know that acne SUCKS, but try not to let it con
  4. From the album: Accutane journey

    Hi everybody! It has now been a couple of months since my last update, and in terms of acne, there hasn't been much of a change, which is good! However, in the past couple of weeks post accutane, I've noticed I've gotten acne, like really tiny whiteheads, but they disappear quickly. I've had 2 breakouts, one of them a really small cyst, or maybe something else actually, but it really felt and looked like a cyst. I really don't hope acne will return worse than these recent breakouts , but it's N
  5. I think it's either post-inflammatory hypgerpigmentation or post-inflammatory erythima. If they are more red/pinkish they're more likely to be post-inflammatory erythima, which there is not much knowledge about on the internet unfortunately. However, they will over time dissapear, ranging from months to years. I'm also suffering with red marks all over my cheeks, and they have over a period of 6 months decreased in color, however they're still very visible. If you still struggle with these marks
  6. Thanks melissa, that's really encouraging! And yes, DeLovely, very good progess, I'm so thrilled!
  7. From the album: Accutane journey

    I am alsmot FOUR months in my accutane journey! And for the past 2 months, the only breakouts I would have would be really small, and to me, not noticable. for the past week, I haven't gotten anything at all, and I have NO PIMPLES whatsoever. The redness is still really really bad though, but it has gone down a little bit. I can't fully see the extend of my scars, but I'm thankful that I don't have bad ice pick scars. I do have a lot of scarring, more like rolling scars, but my skin is
  8. jonaaar



    I don't know where to start... So in october 2014, after 4-3 years of moderate acne, my skin started to severely breaking out. I don't just mean severe, I mean REALLY SEVERE: By November, my skin was covered in cysts all over my cheeks as well as lots of BIG whiteheads and big pimples on my temples and chin as well. I feel like something went really wrong inside my body, and I still haven't figured out why it happened. By 18th of november 2014, I started on Isotretinoin. And week by w
  9. Thank you very much KAmanda!! Yeah I think so too. I never intended to go on accutane, always tried to stay the holistical way, but Accutane really saved me as well, although I will still maintain some of the good benefits by going holistic after my course ends, so that I might prevent it in the future
  10. I don't know actually, So far There has been no to little improvement regarding hyperpigmentation. I do hope so haha but as you say, it will fade over time so there's not much to do other than wait :/ But thank you, your comments brightens my days as well!
  11. It's hard to believe what ive been through, because Now it is much more easier for me to relax in public without Getting obsessed about my skin and constantly worrying. But the most positive things is that im not even 1/2 thru my course so I hope to see even more chances
  12. From the album: Accutane journey

    *no major change since 8th of january though* I can't believe what this drug has done to my skin. Okay so this photo is a couple of days old. The scab on my chin is gone. Lately I've only gotten a few, small pimples, nothing worrying. It's weird, because before my severe breakout, I experienced more regular and larger breakouts than now. Currently I rarely breakout, and when I do it's a minor thing! I do still have 2 flat-like cysts on my right cheek (left on the photo) but are hardly
  13. Thank u very much Garrettryan!! I'm also looking forward to see even more progress, Hopefully! My left side Is pretty much "clear", except the surface looks very scarred, or it is not completely flat yet, but the bumpiness is a minor thing! Except, I do have a cyst next to my ear which has been there for like almost 2 months now, but all my other cyst are kind of gone. The most annoying part is the redness, and I've read it takes months to years for that to fade away, and the bigger the dif
  14. Thank you very much DeLovely!, You know, I can only thank my family and friend's support for my attidude. When I was suddenly beginning to develop severe acne, Only strangers cared, or looked at me, and that was enough for me to withdraw from social events etc. My family and friends have helped me a lot, saying It doesn't matter, we don't care. Fortunately, my classmates also never really cared, I think it's just my mind that is so embarresed that I think that they care. Only a few have looked
  15. From the album: Accutane journey

    Just wanted to share a front face pic of my acne day 52. I Think the lighting makes it Seem better!!! But u cant really see the Dark hyperpigmentation because they're mainly located on the cheeks and temples, the redness has not gone much Down since day 34 into treatment. But i am Coming to accept it so far, because i know it's only temporary. It Would be sad to let acne control my life, and Therefore i am just trying to ignorer it
  16. Thanks so much everybody! It's really encouraging. So far, the current situtation is almost the same as this photo, 34 days into treatment. Now is Day 50! can't believe it, days go by so fast.
  17. From the album: Accutane journey

    As you can see, the places where I used to have really bumpy skin has calmed down, a lot of my skin has been left with really dark hyperpigmentation. My Temples are so far 100% clear, but are also left with hyperpigmentation, But So far I'm really pleased with the results, I still have a couple of months left of the treatment. ---------------------- today is 6th of january, and I am still continuing with 40 mg/day, which I also started with. My dermatologist said I should just continue wi
  18. From the album: Accutane journey

    Acutally, I don't know If I experienced any IB, due to the already severe acne, I think I might have experienced it, but didn't notice or didnt care
  19. From the album: Accutane journey

    This picture was taken four days I started taking accutane. Uhhh, the depressing times...
  20. Thanks, that's really heartwarming to hear. I hope it does good for you too! Btw I would die for you skin, I hardly noticed any acne lol but seriously. And yeah I know, I was just the unlucky one i guess haha. My siblings though, they have perfect clear baby skin so it's annoying that I'm the only one dealing with this, and so severe
  21. Thanks, that is really encouraging!
  22. Thanks for the comment, it's really encouraging!
  23. So, this is basically just to share my journey with Isotretinoin, and as of 18.11.14 I will begin to use 40 mg a day.