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  1. It's been 5 years since I took accutane / isotretinoin, and have since been battling/accepting my quite severe acne scars. Ideally next winter I probably would like some professional help, e.g. laser treatment. Last time I went to the dermatologist (July 2019) the doctor advised me to take isotetinoin again because of some spots here and there. But I'm not going to take that drug again (or at least I really don't want to) so I am trying to improve my scars at home. I just ordered the banish star
  2. jonaaar

    Accutane journey

    So I uploaded an album of my Acne on the day where I started Accutane back in November. Those images had not the best lighting and therefore the severity of my acne could not be seen. This album has pictures from Before, during and my current state of acne.
  3. I think it's either post-inflammatory hypgerpigmentation or post-inflammatory erythima. If they are more red/pinkish they're more likely to be post-inflammatory erythima, which there is not much knowledge about on the internet unfortunately. However, they will over time dissapear, ranging from months to years. I'm also suffering with red marks all over my cheeks, and they have over a period of 6 months decreased in color, however they're still very visible. If you still struggle with these marks
  4. jonaaar



    I don't know where to start... So in october 2014, after 4-3 years of moderate acne, my skin started to severely breaking out. I don't just mean severe, I mean REALLY SEVERE: By November, my skin was covered in cysts all over my cheeks as well as lots of BIG whiteheads and big pimples on my temples and chin as well. I feel like something went really wrong inside my body, and I still haven't figured out why it happened. By 18th of november 2014, I started on Isotretinoin. And week by w
  5. So, this is basically just to share my journey with Isotretinoin, and as of 18.11.14 I will begin to use 40 mg a day.