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  1. I quit sugar in October, but I really can't say it's made any difference to my acne. My complexion lately looks brighter and healthier, but this may be because one of my coping mechanisms when I had cravings was to drink a lot more water. However, for anyone who has quit sugar too, well done! Anyone thinking about it - please consider the enormous health benefits of a sugar free diet. We are not just the skin people see on the outside. Many much worse illnesses than acne have been linked to s
  2. discipline required

    My particular brand of coconut oil has a line on it saying "Take one tablespoon per day or as instructed by your practitioner" which is how I discovered that I love eating coconut oil so much I have literally eaten it until I've been sick. I can't open the jar without eating it. This is bad because it is essentially a jar of fat. It's a pretty good moisturizer but too oily for my hair. Also it's delicious. Time will yet tell if it's any good (internally or not) for clearing/preventing acne
  3. Hi I have had moderate acne since I was 11 (now 28). I have had no real success with any treatment, including the regimen (although had to rely on store bought versions). I haven't been prescribed accutane/roaccutane. It's a mix of hormonal acne and sensitive skin. Recently I read about a lot of people having success with zinc, so I would like to try it as well. However, the usual recommendation seems to be to take zinc with copper because zinc depletes copper stores and can make you ill