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  1. I think I will follow in Tinman's steps minus the sarcasm, as a 3 day cure is obviously impossible - I do believe this is just and advert Day 65 I have a very small spot forming on my right temple. Nothing else new. Only 2 days until I leave for college
  2. If these white heads are really stubborn, you may have milia... MILIA (whiteheads) Milia are deep seeded white bumps that form when skin cells and sebaceous matter become trapped rather than exfoliate naturally. Milia can occur anywhere on the skin and are prone around eye area and cheeks... Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?What-is-Milia---...ne&id=33473
  3. Day 64 - Week 10! Missed yesterday, ohh well My current status is one spot on my right side right under my eye, 2 on my left side right by my mouth. Other than that, quite a few red marks from previous breakouts.
  4. If it's due to inflamation you can try icing it a few times a day. This usually works for me.
  5. Day 62 Feeling a lot better today. The spots have are all fading, and it just seems to look much better overall. Otherwise, nothing new.
  6. Day 61 I hate my face. Why must this breakout come right before I leave!?!! The last two weeks were so great...And now this. Currently I have 4 spots on my left cheek, most of which are flat red marks. One spot on my forehead which is still a bit raised. NO MORE!
  7. Day 60 - two months now! Well, the good times could not continue forever...Today those under the skin bumbs all decided to come up at once. I have one by my left chin, 2 by my left cheek near the mouth, and one on my forehead near my right eyebrow. I reallllllllllllllllllllllly hope this clears before next thursday, which is move-in-day for me.
  8. I had the same problem after using Benzaclin for 4 months. After stopping, the marks have faded significantly on the csr, due mostly, I believe, to the AHA in my moisturizer.
  9. i find that the oily feeling/look goes away after about an hour for me, which I believe is when it has completely dried.
  10. Day 59 I had this one under the skin bumb on me left cheek right by my nose that seemed to get a bit larger the past few weeks. It wasn' too noticeable since it was flesh colored, howeveri decided yesterday to gently press the sides, and to my surprise white puss came out instantly. I barely used any force, so i think it was almost completely surfaced. Today I have a small red mark in its place, but I'm happy that the bumb is going away. Also, exfoliating seems to be evening my skin tone
  11. Day 58 No new spots. A bit dry from the beach.
  12. I've been exfoliating with bakins soda twice a week for the past 2 weeks and this has dramatically faded my red marks. I think that some sort of exfoliation is very beneficial while on the regimen to balance the aging process of bp.
  13. Day 57. Week 9 already! Nothing new. I feel a spot that may be forming on my forehead, but it may just be another clogged pore.
  14. Day 56 No new spots this morning. I went to the beach today and put lots os sunscreen on. I hope don't break out since I hate adding other products in as I am paranoid it will break me out. Anyways, this is then end of week 8 which means I am nearing 2 months on the regimen. I will just give an update for my first 8 weeks. I am pretty much clear right now, andhave been for the past week. I no longer breakout practically everyday andget whiteheads all over my forehead an nose. I still ha