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  1. yea.. i would have liked to go on accutane..but my folks wont let me. They're afraid of the side effects.
  2. Thank you..that lifted my mood a bit:)
  3. Age:17 Sex: F Acne status: All over the place, but not cystic Favorite thing about yourself: my hair What would you change about yourself (other than acne): to not be so shy? Favorite movie: I'm not sure...something funny though Favorite book: Harry Potter What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): something with art? not that i'd be successful though! Sports other interests: I watch soccer sometimes Compare yourself to an animal: A rabbit? I don't know
  4. I've had acne starting at age 11...now i'm almost 18. Over the years I've gotten more and more depressed. I seldom leave the house, and I have become terrified of mirrors. I'm really at a loss as what to do...I've tried every medication under the sun, except Accutane.. High school was awful for me, I developed a social phobia because of my acne, and I became a hermit, hiding away. I cannot look anyone in the eye...I just feel so ugly. Everyone I know have perfect faces. It's not fair. I