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  1. New Pics in gallery: http://acne.org/gallery/TCATreatment I would say that each of the four scars being tracked has improved, from a minimum of 5% to a high of almost 20-25%. You can definitely see improvements from day 4 to day 14. Needless to say, I'm pretty pleased with the results and am getting an indication that multiple treatments over 6 months to a year will result in great improvement for me. I've also started using the Super CP Serum instead of Olay Regenerist Cream at nig
  2. I have to say, I'm impressed with your willingness to dive right in with a full-facer, esp after reading the posts on the 100% board. Make sure that you: 1) Keep applying neosporin liberally until the scabs form 2) Stay out of the sun for a while 3) Do not pick at the scabs that will form Good luck, I know it'll turn out well for you!
  3. Hey Lara- Good luck with your treatments. Some answers to your questions below:
  4. New Pictures up for day 7 at: http://acne.org/gallery/TCATreatment From this point forward, I will take only weekly pictures, so changes between individual pictures of the four featured scars will be more apparent. Thoughts: 1. After one week, I would say that the jury is still out on major improvement. However, I do not expect collagen growth to really be apparent until 4-6 weeks after the first treatment. It does appear that some of the scars have improved somewhat (5-10%), but it
  5. Hello all, It's now been four days since the first treatment of 100% TCA to four scars on my cheeks. I have been applying neosporin 3 times per day and Olay Regenerist Twice Daily. I first noticed that small paper thin scabs started forming within the scars on Day 3, about 72 hours after first treatment. So far, no pain or tightness other than the initial stinging. I realize these pictures are pretty graphic but I want to help those of you who wonder what could happen with 100% TCA
  6. http://acne.org/gallery/TCATreatment Check out my Progress with the 100% TCA Treatment at: http://acne.org/gallery/TCATreatment -CROSSlinker
  7. Tonight I did my first application of 100% TCA applied to four ice-picks. Two on my left cheek, and two on my right. Steps ------------------------------------- 1) Set tooth pick soaking in 100% TCA 2) Washed with Clearasil Daily Face Wash (anti-bacterial) soap and water 3) Disinfected area with Isoprophyl rubbing alcohol, applying by rubbing area with cotton ball, then allowed face to air-dry. 4) Applied TCA by poking and spinning toothpick in each scar. I pressed fairly hard, enough
  8. Just received my 100% TCA from GlycolicOnDemand and ...... I have read elsewhere on this thread that people have been receiving the 100% TCA in powdered form, then adding water. I have also read that its consistency should be somewhat more viscous (thicker) than water. The "100%" TCA I received, however, is very "watery" and not in crystal form. Have others of you had this experience? :-k :-k :-k