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  1. Unlike your face, body acne tends to need something quite strong, or drying to get rid of the acne because the skin is thicker and less sensitive. I recommend using products high in benzoyl peroxide. I have been using the Panoxyl 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Foaming Wash and it's been working great to dry out my chest and back acne. I use a body scrub brush and then apply this Panoxyl Wash and leave it on for about 2-3 minutes then wash it off in the shower. When I go to bed I apply a 10% benzoyl pero
  2. Okay, I guess

    I used this for about 5 months and it worked at first, it got rid of a few bumps. After that it just controlled my acne for a long time and then the acne just came back. It was just a temporary fix and it wasn't very effective. My sister had mild acne and just within a few months her acne went away using Epiduo, so if you have mild acne I'd give it a shot. If you don't, it's not really worth it and it doesn't do much.
  3. The nicest thing anyone can do about my acne is look me straight in the eyes when we're talking(not at the acne around my face) and never say a thing about acne at all. I find it quite rude when people complain about having one pimple when talking to me because if they think their one zit is gross, what do they think about my face full of zits!? Like I said, the nicest thing I think someone can do is to never mention acne and treat me like any other person.
  4. Thanks for your kind words. I actually do a sport but right now we only have practices and no games because it is the winter season. You're right, it really does make me feel more accomplished and proud when I'm doing something I love and I'm good at but now I'm spending my weekends inside until games start again... And yes, my skin is getting a lot better and actually has gotten a lot better since I made this thread which is great, but it's still looking pretty bad haha.
  5. It really bugs me when people ignorantly comment on my skin and I really want to stand up to myself instead of just sitting there and letting them make fun of me. I would like to know some good comebacks. I thought of: "My acne will go away one day, but your face will always look like a piece of shit." I really can't think of much else. Please don't just say to ignore them or be the bigger person and not say anything else, because that does NOTHING. I know from experience.
  6. Wow! Thank you for sharing this! I will try to be nice to myself no matter what happens (even though it's hard when everyone else thinks you're an unhygienic freak if you have acne at my age). Your words really mean a lot.
  7. Hi Mandarine, thanks for asking. I feel okay today. Today in class we needed to use computers and I saw my reflection in the computer screen and ugh... :/ My skin is getting better and I have hope one day it'll be gone... Hopefully soon!
  8. I've had acne since the age of about 10. I feel so alone. In fifth grade, people would say a lot of stuff about my skin because everyone was immature and I was the only one with blemishes. I remember some kid at the lunch table I was sitting at would say thing like pimple face to me and I burst out crying and my whole class saw... Terrible memory ( . I am now in 7th grade, and I'm still almost the only one in my grade with as much acne as me. It's all over my forehead, my cheeks, temples, ch