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  1. DOnt take anitbiotics, they amke thigs worse in the long run. What you have are probabaly blackheads puching themselves out naturally, maybe you could exfoliate? Or try shaving everyday? don't listen to this guy. maybe it made it worse for him in the long run but it doesnt do that for most people.
  2. if i miss a day of BP/washing my face or miss a dose of minocycline is that really bad? does that mean i like am restarting at day 1? cause if i miss a day of my face regimen it seems like i break out.
  3. i'd definitely go for accutane if your derm doesn't mind and you are aware of rare but possible side effects. dont dabble around with the csr, especially since u got bad back/chest acne.
  4. you make it sound extremely horrible...holes the size of quarters...like your face is being eaten or something. are you overexaggerating, because why would a derm call it "normal"?
  5. "One of the great advantages of Minocycline is the inability of bacteria to become resistant. Thus, although it was originally developed with Weil's Disease and Syphillus in mind, it came to be very popular with dermatologists, as a treatment for teenage acne. Even other antibiotics in the Tetracycline "family" have fallen victim to the problem of resistance." i was just reading up on minocycline (cause i started taking it a couple weeks ago) and i found this in wikipedia. is this true? can y
  6. uumm...not to be mean or anything...but how do you know all that was caused by accutane? it just seems like you are blaming all your problems on the drug. how do you know your problems weren't caused by something else?
  7. i don't think it's really a good idea to try and deceive the derm like that...
  8. how much do you weigh, what's your height, and what was your dosage before? just outta curiosity
  9. i think you should listen to the dermatologist despite what a lot of people think on this board. they went to school for a reason...it just seems odd that some people on these boards don't trust there dermatologists who studied in med school for years but then trust random people on message boards. the point of acne treatment is to subdue the acne until you grow out of it. it's not to cure the acne. i would want to stray from any medication that permanently changes something in your body in
  10. ive actually noticed that asians tend to have more acne problems on average than other people
  11. i got prescribed 100mg of minocycline daily and im like 5'9" 145 pounds i don't see the reason to up the doasage if your face looks fine right now
  12. so you didn't get this prescription from a dermatologist? why not? i was actually worried that my prescription of minocycline was too little at 100mg a day.
  13. it's normal to feel tired in the afternoon after lunch...and it's not ebcause of lunch, it's just part of our circadian rhythm.