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  1. Cetaphil is the best moisturiser ive tried. I havent used the facewash but I know ppl who have seem to love it. It's fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic. Great you have sensitive skin also.
  2. You can try Vicco Tumeric facecream. It's moisturising, but gets absorbed quickly. Also can help with dark spots, instead of using stuff with hydroquinone.
  3. Oh and to add to my previous post, try a dab of Neosporin on the inflamed areas. It helped settle some areas I had that were taking long to heal, literally overnight for me.
  4. Hey Christian, i have found that applying a good sunscreen makes a huge difference in preventing dark marks from getting even darker. Just make sure it had enough sun protection (I use a Neutrogena with SPF 75) and is non-comedogenic so you wont get clogged pores. Also my bf was looking for something without hydroquinone (I cant remember why he said it was bad, sorry), and got great results with the Vicco Tumeric skincream, after trying for years to try to get rid of his dark marks. It did w
  5. Helped a lot

    Worked well for me. Then my store stopped selling it, and ive been searching for a good spot treatment for pimples ever since :(.
  6. No help

    Did absolutely nothing for me, really disappointing. Better results with Neutrogena spot treatment.
  7. vampix

    Wonderful help

    Wonderful help

    Heals inflamed spots that are taking forever to heal! Ive had significant improvement literally overnight. Definately worth a try where all else has failed.