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  1. I've always been really shy, after I got married my husband was in the Army for almost 7 yrs, that was about 10 months ago that he got out. It's been that long since I worked and moving so much I never made friends, so basically i've been home for over 7 yrs. It takes a toll and i've withdrawn so much. So yes, 3d, I feel ya
  2. I was on Orthotricyclen for about a year. I had to stop taking them because of risk of stroke. As far as I remember they didn't help my skin at all Good luck f you try, tho
  3. Like I said, Phoenix, it's what I think. And i'm 28, long out of hs Maybe i'm just vain, but I hate any parts of me that aren't nice looking. My face is just one of them. As to what I do to make myself feel better? Wait until tomorrow.
  4. Yup. I get days where I think i'm the ugliest person ever and want to just die. I've never heard anyone call me ugly, but it's what I think that matters. And what I think isn't so good.
  5. I'm not doing this 'regimine' but am using both SA and BP. I've noticed that red marks are disappearing rapidly and any new pimples I get (a rarity compared) disappear in a day usually. It's been maybe 2 weeks. My complaint is that my skin is not smooth. I'm not sure if this is from not using any moisturizer (i'm sceptical in adding a 4th product to my face) or just if i'm still adjusting to the chemicals. It feels rough but doesn't look flaky. Maybe it's the soap I use(and have for many years),
  6. I think I prefer white skin on me :-k
  7. I also use Revlon Colorstay in Nude and for powder I use Avon Incredible Finish Pressed Powder in Translucent Ivory. Together they don't do too bad a job covering up red marks but if I have a darker mark I use Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer (it's a green stick make up).
  8. Glycolic acid does what? And the other one...mandelic acid? Seems like an awful lot of stuff to be putting on your face :-s
  9. Tks Branded I'm not sure it's working well enough, but time will tell. I use some Lubiderm moisturizer, oil-free. I've had mild acne for over 10 yrs, I can wait a few weeks to see if this has any effect. I have tried the two products before, but my doc said I was allergic to SA so I stopped using it. As for the BP I only spot treated. Hopefully you guys have enlightened me to something that will have a possitive effect
  10. Hi everyone. I've been reading the forums here for a few weeks now and decided to try some things myself. I started with RetinA cream. It seemed to work for the 1st week, then I finally got to the store and got the On The Spot and some SA pads. I use SA in the morning and BP at night. So far in the 2 weeks i've only gotten 1 new pimple. My question is, how long does the tightness and flaking last? I lightly moisurize twice a day. Thanks.