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  1. aussiedude98

    Using More Than 2 Pumps Of Bp

    Thanks guys, It does take a while to dry - but I found it always did even with lower amounts. My story is - I had been using BP in these quantities for several years - and it worked beautifully, I stayed very clear. I recently had a break from the regimen - not because I was having any issues with it particularly, I just wanted to try not using it to see if I still needed it. Turns out I DO still need it - so I have started using it again, gradually increasing the amount. I was st
  2. Hi Guys, I have been using more than the suggested amount of BP on the regimen - and I am interested to hear if there are many others doing the same - or if I am doing something a bit extreme here? Reading through the forum posts it seems most people apply less. The regimen seems to work better for me with the extra BP - particularly in the extremely humid weather in summer here in Sydney Australia. I apply the BP only on a selected portion of my face - my chin, nose, under and side
  3. Hi Guys, During the initial weeks of the Regimen - when the skin may be very dry, is there any harm in applying moisturizer more than twice per day? I find my skin is fine for a while in the morning, but gets very dry by the afternoon. Just wondering what other peoples experiences are with this. Thank you, Nigel
  4. aussiedude98

    Off The Regimen For A While Then Re-Started It

    Thank you everybody for the replies. Anybody have any hints on the way to slowly increase the usage? I find the suggested "pea size" amount really isn't enough to spread anywhere much. I have been trying applying BP just every second night at first, and then every second morning as well and so on. Thanks again, Nigel
  5. Hi Guys, I have had a great experience with the Regimen - having been on it for several years, and staying clear. (I started in late 2011 - I am now 38 years old) A couple of months ago I decided to stop it - largely out of curiosity to see if I still needed it to stay clear. I slowly weaned myself off over a few weeks. I started doing it only in the evening at first, and then just every other morning after a while, and then completely stopping. During this weaning off period, my s