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  1. My relationship with isotretinoin have been a rollercoaster since Ive started considering taking it. Sometimes I feel is a miracle potion, sometimes I think is poison. My case (please forgive the long post and my poor english, Im doing my best here): I have mild, but persistend face acne since 19/20 years old (Im now 26). It was getting slowly worst during this time and started to get really heavy since the begininng of the present year. Why it got so worst suddently? I really dont know. Maybe
  2. Thank you all for your awnsers. I decided that I really dont want to take this right now. My acne is not that bad (specially compared with some pictures Ive seen here), and I think the side effects are going to be too much for my life at this point. I will consider taking it later, if it gets too worst. And no, Im not an alcohol addict (I drink one or two times a week, at most), but sometimes I just need it, so it would be a real pain to me to be completelly sober all the time. Im trying to ju
  3. Im 26 years old and I got a very oily skin and started developing mild acne when I was 20/21. It always came in occasional horrible breakouts, then it would clear out and leave me alone for some weeks. Then it comes again, and etc. I suppose you guys know how this works. This year though, I got worse, a lot worse. It is like Im on a breakout that never ends. Maybe is becouse of my new job, which is very stressing. Maybe is just bad luck, I dont know. Anyway, I went to a lot of derms, they will