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  1. You are still quite young so hard one to call. I agree with some of the previous posters, the tane will probably work but it will probably only buy you some time unless your acne goes on it's own but you may be lucky. Many other treatments work better post accutane and you can possibly microdose later as someone else suggested to maintain clear skin. It is really up to you in the end, second course was more efective for me but i was a lot older than you at that stage.
  2. Good advice already given. Cut down to 1 facewash as washing will never solve your problem. Go see a doc, he'she will probably try some antibiotics on you first before refering to a derm. I use clean and clear oil free deep cleansing cream wash but this won't solve your acne. Good luck
  3. 39 but life beginns at 40.
  4. Hi all, I'm Davie, 39 and had this crap since i was about 13 on and off. I have had some prolonged periods where I have been totally clear in that time but still suffer the odd setback even now. I have been on 2 tane courses and i'm now microdosing. Like most of you I have been on the usual courses of meds so tried out lots over the years. On a personal note I have a lovely wife and 2 kids and work in Fire and rescue. I enjoy spending time with my girls playing tennis, on bikes, getting t
  5. There is a whole debate as to how much more protein you require when strength training but taking that aside the advice ranges greatly from about 1.2 to 2g per kg body weight. Also it is worth bearing in mind how much protein that can be absorbed in one serving and also per hour. Old figures used to be about 7g per hour for this. If your intake is 300gms then at best you are probably wasting your money and at worst may be overstressing your kindeys.
  6. Hi Peteyboy and thanks for your reply. It was Asiax's derm saying that "it needed to be used with a retinoid" that had me confused as i hadn't heard that one before. I agree with what you say about antibiotics, they can be quite effective but it can get complicated when using them long term and resistance does seem to come round quicker when cycling them.
  7. I have trained through 2 accutane courses and still train now while microdosing. Joe max gives some good advice.....listen to your body. You will probably require more recovery so don't go hammering yourself every day. Make sure you get plent of water also. Go easy on the protein as your organs are already working overtime to deal with the tane. A lot of supplements also contain vit A so be careful of that one. Cod liver oil for example.
  8. Most acne meds simply control acne until it has run it's course and is ready to go on it's own. Accutane can continue to work a long time after you take it in various ways and for some has been a cure or as close as it gets to one. My point is if you come off your meds you will proably find your acne returns to where it was. However if you are totally clear it does make sense to reduce your medication periodically to see if acne will return.
  9. Side effects will vary from individual to individual. Tane doesn't stop me training but my joints are sore and i get tired so a bit of common sense more days off and plenty of sleep help.
  10. Can someone explain to me why Finacea would be best when used with a retinoid when there action is broadly similar plus Finacea has some antibacterial properties. I don't understand this. I would have thought that both retinoids and Finacea would be more effective if combined with an antibiotic orally or topically such as benzacline, duac or zyneryt assuming the skin could tolerate this. Thanks
  11. In the UK most docs will put you through the rounds of antibiotics and topicals before they even refer you to a derm. You may then have to wait betwean 3-6 months for a derm appointment depending on the area you stay. The derm will then probably undergo his/her own trials prior to accutane. It can be a long drawn out frustrating process and hardly patient friendly. There will be exceptions to the above but generally that is the course. If you haven't been on prescription meds before for you
  12. We are all different, some people aren't affected as much by the effects of acne as others and some have far more severe or long term acne than others. It is your choice whether to take meds in consultation with your doc/derm. For me at least life is far more enjoyable when I am clear. As a long term acne sufferer I would say that for some of us this condition has to be managed long term. Antibiotic should always be cycled as to help prevent resistance. You are not immune to minocin but wil
  13. If you have been on tane 3 times you have probably already been down the antibiotics road. In my experience antibiotics can be a lot more effective post tane than before so if it has been a while it will be worth a go but may be of short term relief. Microdosing may be an option for you on tane, you could mention this to your derm.