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  1. its kinda awesome how my best friend and i relate to both having to deal with acne and skin issues. i mean, it totaly sucks for both of us, but were really lucky to have each other for support and advice, weve really bonded over it through the past 5 years or so. we just kinda 'get each other'. any time one of us is having a bad breakout, or is just feeling terrible because of our skin, we run over to the others house to relax makeup free, no judgments, and just completely let it all out. its so
  2. Thanks for your replies =) a few days after i posted this a friend of mine was explaining this dieters coffee she had been drinking...and upon learning of its outcome =/ i figured "dieters" is code for diuretic (or just misspelled ) i wrote the original post about a month ago, and with my regular gym routine, lots of water of course, and small meals throughout the day, ive been able to drop the few lb's i was working towards YAY! it is really pretty simple, and works for most people. ther
  3. looking people in the eye. if im without makeup during a bad breakout, i only look down or act like im focused on something or someone in the distance that makes me keep my face turned from the person im with or around.
  4. AmLactin. 12% AHA (Lactic Acid) or Aqua Glycolic hand and body lotion 12% Glycolic acid. ask for it at the pharmacy. no prescripiton needed, but it is kept on the pharamacy shelf.
  5. spiral_pop

    **Progressively Fun**

    Accutane was a blasty blast! =) Somewhat recent pictures. Ranging from the end of my first month on Accutane to 2months finished with course! No progress pictures (im not that ballsy) blurry pics (my friends suck at photog.) looks like i went out more during my treatment than after...=/
  6. Jay, your last post just grabbed and tore my heart. i am so sorry that it got to such a severe and frightening point. i have also like others on .org gotten into a deep dark hole of deppression that affected me to a point i also grasped onto anything to not think or remember (caused by severe acne). regarding anti-depressants, i had an idiot psychiatrist who would prescribe me anything i wanted. i too had the insomnia from the serotonin inhibitors. insmonia was the last thing i wanted. i ju
  7. I have been drinking regular or a blend of Green and White tea for a a few months now, and i have absolutely become addicted. I was a major coffee and wine (oops!) addict for almost 5 years, and since switching to tea i have had NO CRAVING for coffee, alcohol, or fatty foods. i have no desire to touch any of that crap! its been awesome! actualy i give credit to Green tea for motivating me to become much more aware and concerned with what i put in my body.Its elevated my mood, where i was able t
  8. Yeah she seems like a pretty straightforward girl- I doubt it was pre-ad I like her music for a fun background soundtrack. Acne scarring is tough for us, and probably worse for celebrities only in the paparazzi aspect. They have people staking them out TRYING so hard to get an ugly picture of them. I can't imagine!
  9. several months ago when she was on the cover of cosmo with a featured article (also this was a while before her proactive commercials came out) she did the typical cosmo survey that all featured celebs do, and she admitted that her biggest insecurity was her acne scarring. im not a fan of her music per say, but the way she just put her insecurity all out there (especialy since its a physical flaw that she openly admitted and put herself up to possible public judgment; most celebs will say things
  10. for the past 7weeks i have been using the AG face wash as well as the facial moisturizer, and am totaly digging both of them, no flakes or raw red face. great formula, and little to no irritation, great ph balance for shaving as well. ive had great experiences so far with both of these products. purchasing the toner is next on my to do list, but will have to wait until i have time to order it from the pharmacy, plus, things have been going pretty good so far with out it. it would be nice to have
  11. GOOD LUCK! tane will be over before you know it, and you'll after just be reaping the benefits. i took doxy for a couple months before i started tane, and i feel like it really helped. but then again i cant really vouch for what would have happend had i not done the antibiotics, for all i know i would have been totaly fine. but something tells me it was the doxy that helped allliviate alot of IB for me. thats just my opinion, hope it helped !
  12. thank you soo much for your support guys! i was on a 5 month course, with several months between refills because of personal and ipledge dilemas. i do highly recommend that doing an antibiotic for a couple months before starting accutane will help alliviate a destructive IB, but i do understant everyones different. today was awesome strange tho. so, ive been feeling really comfortable lately leaving thse house without makeup on, for the first time in YEARS! i mean, thats just to the store or
  13. i cannot belive it has went and passed. and its crazy that my last post was just a giant rant. lol. have been done with my course for a bit now, and i couldnt be happier. my skin has improved by like 80% so far. not a single break out since early july.. thats like 4 months! still cant believe it! accutane has been a miracle for me. and when i say my skin has improved by 80% so far, i mean just a few fading red marks that are well on their way to completely gone by new years time. i am just sooo
  14. day 24 basicly ugh. quick highlights from the past week. *my skin is kinda freaking out. or IM freaking out. either way i look like crap and makeup is NOT helping. super flaky dry skin and cracking lips and IB. sucky. *apparently ive been a whiny beotch from hell the past couple weeks and none of my friends are speaking to me. my friends mom (of all people) called me out on it. * i went on a date last night(only god knows why, cuz i sure dont) when im in NO mood or stage to be meeting any
  15. Go camping! no make up! do crazy fun things, and just hang out and get all nice and dirty with no worries