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  1. Does anyone use this website for supplies. It's very pricey, but it has customers reviews for products which I like to read to get an idea of a products quality. Anyway they've got this 'menscience' product which is 10% BP according to the description. The customer comments are also good. Anyone tried this product? http://www.mankind.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductID=25027
  2. I've had acne since my early teens and am now in my early twenties. I had an appointment with a derm last week and he said I don't have severe enough acne to be put on accutane. It's cleared up on my face quite a bit from when I was younger, but my back is still pretty bad. Anyway he's put me on 'Tetralyscal 300' which I take twice a day (capsule form) & given me a cream called 'duac' which I have to apply at night. It's got 25g of clindamycin and 5% BP according to the label. I was wonde
  3. What's the best way to close large pores once you've got rid of blackheads? I've got little dents all over my nose and they look horrible. Surely there are way's to close them up?
  4. Does anyone know of any UK websites which sell mandelic acid products?
  5. What about "Garnier Pure Sebum Control Moisturiser'? I've been pretty pleased with this stuff, is Eucerin better?