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  1. far from it jackthebear. I am not accusing anybody. I am just telling my story to prevent that someone else run into a trap like I did in some other cases. Many people discourage themselves trying all kind of methods and after that do not write posts to share there experiences. If I was talking to a relevant doctor (quoted many times in my country) and I didn't see ANY progress with my own eyes from other people (and I was seeking and seeking and seeking and seeking.....), neither was my doctor
  2. look how many people visits this site....don't you find it strange that not one of them showed results. not a bit...or I didn't saw them (I am sorry if that is the case).I know that sending your picture on the web is a little embarecing...maybe that is the reason...but no one wrighted about it also. if you had some pics with improvment I would be greatful if you send them...sorry, but I only belive hard evidence.....not just bla, bla....
  3. well what can I say sally. I did not wanted to disappointed anybody but I trust my doctor because I know he is up-to-date with all new technologies and possibilities of modern medicine. when you, or anybody else show me example which shows improvement I will change my mind ([email protected] is the adress) and say I AM SORRY. not pictures from the web because I tried to manipulate with them and it is so fuckin easy. click edit and one of the buttons (I forgott which) that will smoth your
  4. (sorry for my English). I have been to one of the best plastic doctors in my country today. he did not encourage me at all. as a mater a fact, he said that only thing he could do for my scars is: a) dermoabrasion and b)chemical peeling...there is NO c) solution. I have rolling scars (very shallow as he said, but I don't agree off course because this problem is bigger to me than to him) and he was very honest with me. he sad that he would not recommend dermoabrasion because of its side effects an